Rooftop Solar – The Future of India

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“The wind will always blow and the sun will always shine”. An anonymous quote that might sound like a poetic aphorism but is actually our ticket to sustainability in disguise. Climate change is no longer a hoax but a reality that the world is facing. After decades of denial, the world has finally attained a middle ground and is rigorously pushing the inventions and innovations of renewable energy. Hence, we say that the above quote is our gateway to life in the future because solar energy is one of the top renewable energy sources. It’s high time to make the most of it.

Why should we make the most of solar energy?

The sun is the powerhouse of the entire solar system. It regulates life on earth and generates enough power for the entire world in place of conventional electricity. In the last decade, the popularity and demand for solar panel installations have increased by manifolds.

Solar panels are suitable for commercial, residential, as well as industrial sectors. They capture the sunlight or solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. The installation is also known as the rooftop solar photovoltaic system or solar PV. Today, it is possible to install solar panels with ease and at qualite trenbolone acetate drostanolone propionate testosterone propionate avec expedition a much lower rate because of the increased demand and the world’s mission to go green.

Solar energy produces clean electricity, reduces carbon footprint, enhances productivity, and increases access to electricity. It can be installed at the micro as well as a macro level.

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Here are some more remarkable benefits of using solar energy.

  1. The only cost associated here is the manufacturing and installation. It barely has minimum to zero maintenance and energy production costs. You can consider it as an investment with high returns.
  2. The storage system allows consumers to use electricity even during cloudy weather.
  3. Rooftop solar doesn’t use up any extra landscape or need separate construction.
  4. Solar energy is not subject to fluctuations in market prices like non-renewable sources of electricity are.

Rooftop solar is preferable to ground-mounted solar

Ground-mounted solar panels are subject to geographical, environmental, and social issues. They require substantial space, which could mean risking existing farmlands, vegetation, wildlife conservation, etc. Whereas, the modern architecture makes it easier and more convenient to install solar panel roofs on infrastructure. With the entry of many other promising innovations like battery storage and microinverters, the installation of rooftop solar has become more favorable.

But depending on your goals and scope, you can choose to install either type of solar panel. Here are some of the key factors you should consider before installing either of them.

  • You should decide in advance how much space you want to allocate for the solar rooftop system. Because, along with the solar panel, come many electronic components and accessories.
  • Make sure that the area of installation does not fall under shade.
  • Pick the type of solar panel system that you want to install. The three types that you can consider are on-grid systems, viagra 25 mg off-grid systems, and hybrid systems.

Where does India stand in terms of solar energy?

India is the 3rd largest renewable energy producer in the world. In the 2016 Paris Agreement, India has committed to producing 40% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2030.

As per the announcement made by the Centre in 2015-16, India aims to install 175 GW of green energy by 2022, which is exclusive of hydroelectricity capacity. Out of the 175 GW, the goal is to achieve 40 GW from rooftop solar. As per the announcement of the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy on August 12, 2021, the country has installed 100 GW of renewable energy.

As per a report, till July 2021, only 5.1 GW of this has been achieved by rooftop solar. Many argue that the slowdown has been due to the pandemic and to achieve the targeted goal in the designated time frame, India has to increase its installation by fourfold.

Ecologists, conservationists, and scientists support the solar rooftop system as it is considered an ideal replacement for large-scale renewable energy projects.

India has seen a rapid decrease in power cuts and power shortages over the last few decades. Even rural development has witnessed the same. But certain areas still face these issues. Given the depletion of coal energy, it is easy to see how beneficial rooftop solar can be. They can permanently replace diesel generators and kerosene lamps.

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Solar PV modules by Anchor are built to survive all extreme weather. And we know how important that is for the Indian climate. Our solar engineering, procurement, and construction services include power solutions for rooftop as well as ground-mounted projects. We assure life-long and secured installations for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

With India’s mission to excel in its renewable energy and with the support of the government, green energy will soon become a necessity and not remain a luxury.

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