Why Do You Need A Smart Ceiling Fan?

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We are living in the age where TVs and refrigerators are smart, our sound system can play any song at our whim without having to even search for the song, cars being designed with cutting edge technology and so much more. So, should we also make our fans smarter?

How does that work? What will they do? Change the pace of the rotation based on our temperature? How smart will they be? Let us find out all about the benefits of getting smart ceiling fans and whether those features are worth investing in.

How do smart ceiling fans work?

Smart ceiling fans are much like normal ones when it comes to operating but they are also equipped with the knowledge of when to start spinning to make a breeze and when to keep the air still.

You can program your smart fan to achieve or maintain a certain temperature or make a schedule by which the fan should adhere to. There are advanced occupancy sensors and geological settings that will detect that everyone has left the room and it will stop working. This saves up a lot of energy and money that would go wasted when someone forgets to switch off the fan.

They operate, much like a smart TV, through Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth. That means you can control it remotely from anywhere using your mobile phone.

If you prefer the ceiling fan that you have now, there are a few options you can look at to convert it into a smart fan. All you will have to do is hardwire a device into the fan or replace your fan switch with a IoT version that connects with your fan to control it.

Why get a smart ceiling fan?

It may be tempting to get a smart fan just so you don’t have to get up from your bed to turn the fan on or off but is that a valid reason to get it? No. And that’s not the only benefit of a smart fan.

Smart fans work so much better in hot weather because it doesn’t just try to reduce the temperature like an air conditioner. It will move the air around creating a nice breeze which will shift the air to reduce perspiration and cool down the skin without the change in temperature.

More importantly, smart fans go a step further by helping you to lower energy costs. They are more comfortable to the skin compared to fans and ACs as they give a more natural breeze by reading the room.

When you are out of the house, automated devices like smart ceiling fans can give an impression that the house is occupied and deter burglary attempts.

But the best and the most appealing part of ceiling fans will remain – the voice control. Being able to turn the fan on and off at will. Not only to prank your family members but also because people who have been to bed rest, disabled, or just plain tired, will appreciate being able to rest in bed without having to get up to adjust the fan. Like a YouTube algorithm that knows how to entice you with suggestions so that you stay on the app for hours on end, the smart ceiling fans will know what to do based on their sensors and they will touch that sweet spot of slight coldness with a breeze that will put you to sleep.

One of the best options out there is Captor I-Kraft, which is an IOT-based, high-speed, anti-dust fan. Not only is it equipped with speed, cool breeze, and everything you will need to easily control it, but it is also aesthetically pleasing, and it will suit every type of interior in the room. It has been expertly designed to work without any noise and has 4 modes – Intelligent mode for adjusting speed, temperature, and humidity easily; Nature mode; Turbo mode for maximum speed; and Sleep mode that is just perfect for restless sleepers. It can be controlled with a dedicated MirAie mobile app & remote control at your comfort. It is also compatible with popular voice assistants- Alexa and Google Home.

In conclusion, being able to control the fan is a good reason to get a smart ceiling fan. You will be able to control it through voice commands, remote, smartphone, etc. based on the brand. It is not difficult for most people to walk to the wall switch but when you are home and in need of comfort, why make it difficult for yourself when it doesn’t need to be. Home is where you rest and rejuvenate and investing in fans is a long-term commitment. So, make sure to get the best comfort that you can get because, after a hard day of work and play, you know you will deserve it.

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