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What is an MCB? 

A Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is the most preferred choice when it comes to protecting appliances from overload and short circuit. It is a protective electromagnetic device that acts as a switch in a circuit.  It automatically switches off the electrical circuit if it faces any abnormal condition in the electrical network like overload or other faulty conditions. What makes it even more special? The fact that it can be reset very fast and has no maintenance cost. It is also quite safe to handle and quickly restores the supply. 

Why does MCB trip? 

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  • Overload:  It is a fault that arises in a system when too much current passes through electric wires.
  • Short Circuit:  It happens when the electrical flow completes its circuit journey through a shorter distance than is present in the established wiring. 
  • Ground Fault: This is when a hot wire and bare ground wire are both touching the metal box housing them.  

How to avoid MCBs tripping?

  • Ensure to replace all the broken & damaged wires of appliances and electrical devices.  
  • When not in use, unplug all the electrical devices. 
  • Do not use extension cords. 
  • Ensure not too many devices are in use at a single point of time. 

Ensure to follow these tips to avoid MCBs tripping as it not only saves electrical appliances or gadgets of your house, but also the wiring and the entire house. So, choose the correct MCB for your home. Pick from a range of MCBs from Anchor by Panasonic.  

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