Introducing Panasonic F-12XAA Ceiling Fans!


Panasonic India presents F-12XAA – the latest fan from your trusted Panasonic brand, with highest air delivery till date! At Panasonic India, we understand how difficult it is to stay cool naturally and without racking up huge electricity bills. But now, the blistering heat of the summer is no longer a problem with our revolutionary ceiling fan that ensures you get instant relief and comfort with its superior air throw. We have always strived to give our valued customers nothing but the best; the advanced design of this fan is the result of years of hard work and research by our R&D team. With a powerful and highly efficient AC motor, this fan has a maximum rotation speed of 390 RPM, and its 3 blades, 1200 mm long, whip up an air delivery speed of 260 m3 per minute to blow out the heat as soon as you switch it on.

The F-12XAA also comes with a 24 month warranty, so that you don’t have to worry about malfunctions or manufacturing defects. What’s more, we have included a safety wire with the fan – your safety is our paramount concern; so rest assured that the fan will not fall and cause harm to your family.

The F-12XAA is stylish, and will enhance the aesthetics of any room you install it in. It is available in 3 color combinations as of now: white-silver, blue-silver, and walnut-gold; colors that will blend in beautifully with almost any color theme you have for your rooms.

Powerful yet cool, these fans will add comfort and beauty to your home. Bring home the Panasonic F-12XAA today, and experience a whole new world of bliss and breeze… kick up a storm with Panasonic Ceiling fans!