Mr. Krishnan Rajagopalan shares insights of the Solar Industry with Electrical and Power Review


Solar power can provide an answer to the peaking power requirements and also with the energy storage solutions says Krishnan Rajagopalan, Head – Solar Business, Anchor Electricals.

India’s real demand is not on holistic level also  generation capacities are running at a very low plant load factor believes Rajagopalan. He says, “Even today, India has generation capacity installed in excess to demand. The real demand is not on the holistic level, it is the peak demand that happens due to the peaking power requirement in urban townships. Also, most of the age-old generation capacities are running at very low plant load factor, which needs revamping. This involves capital expenditure and the central government is working on initiatives to support all state distribution companies.”

He thinks, “Solar power can provide an answer to the peaking power requirements and also with the energy storage solutions. The strategic impetus given by the government to the industry is thus in the right direction.”

Game changer in the industry - Rajagopalan feels the game changer would be to balance the generation, peak demand and peak saving with renewable energy penetration, energy storage solutions and most important rural micro grid (decentralised power generation and consumption). This would be game changer for the Indian power industry. “In parallel, the government is also taking initiatives to revive the financial health of many state distribution companies, so that they can leverage more debt, get access to capital funds and implement many large projects that were announced but could not take off,” he explains.

Further revealing on company’s contribution to this transformation he continues, “Panasonic is a high quality manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules and Li-On batteries. We offer end-to-end solutions to our customers for solar power generation and energy storage solutions. I feel we are an integral part of this transformation with both the technology as well as the solutions.”

Turnaround story - When Panasonic started solar PV modules (high efficiency) sales in India, few people opted for the modules. “We then transformed ourselves into an end-to-end solutions provider right from conducting feasibility study, engineering, and procurement and construction services to our customers providing them a one stop solution for their solar PV requirements. Today, we see robust enquiry base from the market and many customers are interested in our products and solutions. We foresee a very long term future for our business in years to come,” he says.

Robust growth in the Indian roof top solar PV market- Briefing about the business opportunity Rajagopalan said, “We find a very robust growth in the Indian rooftop solar PV market. We have unique and sustainable solutions with our high efficiency modules in this segment and we wish to grow further steadily in this segment. We see lots of potential to uncover in the industrial, commercial and residential sector for rooftop power in the coming years.”