Mr. Krishnan Rajagopalan shares insights on Open Forum for Electrical and Power Review


India's ambitious target of setting 100 GW through solar capacity generation by 2022 may actually seek completion by end of 2017 as per the latest statement issued by Power Minister  Piyush Goyal. However, the concern remains that the manufacturing capacity in India for raw material to finished goods is still very less compared to the large target which we have set for ourselves. Also quality norms need to be established for these equipment there by placing an emphasis to create sustainable infrastructure and projects execution on time. Raising import duty on power-generation equipment on an immediate basis may act as a deterent to this growth as India's has still not geared up its manufacturing capacity for the said equipments to such levels. Import duty should be raised on non-standard equipment that operates on redundant technology but in order to promote the domestic manufacturing and assuring the proliferation of high-efficiency technologies in infrastructure projects, government should consider continuing zero per cent import duties on the same.


Krishnan Rajagopalan,
Head-Solar Business,
Anchor Electricals Pvt Ltd