Power Generation: Technology Choices


Analysing how latest power generation equipment will energise the power sector

Power generation equipment are core part in the power sector and plays a significant role in generation of the power. Imagine if the power generation equipment are feeble, undoubtedly the results will be poor supply and generation of the power which will lead to power shortages. Hence, it is essential that the power equipment are strengthened well on time. This article will give an insight on latest power generation equipment that will describe how to strengthen the Indian power sector.

India, is a developing country, it has always been the power sector which is critical in fuelling the overall development. Currently, there is an existing gap between supply and demand of electricity which is estimated at an average of 16 per cent along with transmission and distribution losses which are estimated anywhere between 23 to 30 per cent.

With rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, this gap is bound to rise fast. There is a need to implement newer fields of technological advancements and energy systems engineering to provide integrated solutions to the energy problems, by adopting a holistic, systems-based approach.

Rajesh Nandwani, VP & Business Unit Head–Switchgear, Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. says, “Power generation technology equipment is a huge space dominated by organised and unorganised players. Various technology players occupy the said space including hydroelectric, solar, wind, thermal, fossil fuel based, geothermal, biofuel, biomass, biogas based etc.”

Anchor Electricals is in the energy generation space since last 2 years and known for offering Panasonic’s No. 1 Solar PV Module HIT. The company’s electrical construction materials business offers solutions for energy conservation and protection through its switchgear and protection devices business.