Rajesh More, Project Sales Head - Anchor Electricals interacts with Construction Week offering persp


As the concept of ‘green’ permeates our lives, property developers to product manufacturers are scrambling to comply with sustainability norms.
We are well passed the time when one was required to explain the idea of ‘green’. What was once a buzzword has now evolved to become a necessity of our time. The realisation that we can no longer ignore the dire consequences of not conserving and protecting earth’s natural resources has been a rude awakening for many, but also a push in the right direction for all. And luckily enough, the real estate world has been quick to take heed. Whether it is developers or product manufacturers, both parties have risen to the challenge. As a result, green buildings are fast becoming a common occurrence.

Vendors are continually innovating on their product portfolio to improve their sustainability scores. Anchor Electricals believes in offering innovation in three spaces when it comes to its vast product line-up that involves over 3,000 products across six verticals in the Energy Generation & Conservation Business. As part of the Panasonic Group, it has been looking at scaling up its R&D activities as well.

“Some of the new technologies at the company involve a product line-up dealing with indoor air quality as well as lighting, with Panasonic IAQ equipment such as the Ventilation Fan and LED lighting product. We were the first company in India to introduce the concept of Screwless Termination & RoHS in Household Electrical Switches and these are manufactured in India at our own facilities. We intend to introduce some of Panasonic’s trendsetting products in India, expanding our basket of solutions for assorted Indian premises,” says Rajesh More, project sales head, Anchor Electricals.

Holistic Approach: The scope of sustainability is being altered on an everyday basis. As emerging economies such as India continue to develop and urbanise at breakneck speed, there is a huge requirement for tools that aid a steady and sustainable economic growth. “As member of Panasonic group, we will be also keep an eye on the increasing consumer aspirations and offer them products that are eco-aware. We are gearing up our manufacturing as well as R&D team to address the new challenges that may stem up in the upcoming years,” says More.