TVC nominated for a different take on change.


India’s leading electrical manufacturers - Anchor by Panasonic’s latest TVC ‘Sochbadlo, hawa toh badalti hi rahegi’ aired for fans as a part of its advertising campaign. Has been shortlisted as a Finalist for the IndiAA (International Advertising Association India) awards in the consumer durables category. The TVC aims at changing the Indian mindset and encourages the citizens of this country to progress towards a righteous path. Developed by Brandwiz, the TVCs brought a breath of new air across all popular channels in the country.

This year, an eminent jury comprising of Mr D Shivakumar, Chairman, PepsiCo India along with the other Jury members, Sanjay Behl, V L Rajesh, Amit Syngle, Shantanu Khosla, Geetu Verma spent considerable time and satisfied themselves regarding the process integrity involved at various stages of the Award before shortlisting the finalists for the IndIAA Awards.
Objective of the campaign 

The world’s largest young population resides here in India, they have the right amount of urge and enthusiasm to bring about a change in this world. The concept of Anchor fans producing wind is a visual metaphor for push. A push towards those feelings and willingness to do the right thing that resides within all of us.

Anchor fans TVC takes on the youth to appeal to the masses residing in rural or semi urban cities in the age group of 18-40 years; comprising of salaried, students and self-employed.
Here, the campaign revolves around subtle communication depicting the speed and newness of the Anchor fans. The latest fans have been positioned as a catalyst to enable its users ‘go a notch higher in life’. 
Film Descriptor
In the first TVC, a teenager post his football practice was asked by his father, where he would like to celebrate his birthday. At that very moment his mothers switches on the fan. And due to the Anchor fan’s speed the boy accidently stumbles upon a flyer with the details of an orphanage. He gives it a thought and says that he would like to celebrate his birthday at an orphanage. His father looks upon in astonishment and pride.
In another TVC a daughter calls her father to pick her up from a place.The father had just finished a glass of alcohol and thereafter reaches out for the car keys. At this very instant, with the assistance of the Anchor fan’s wind the father comes across a loving note from his daughter. It reminds him of the cherished moments spent with his daughter. He then the drops the car keys and announces that he’ll take a taxi instead.
The third TVC features a group of young boys in a restaurant talking ironically lamenting on the current situation and stating that the youth of the country should take over now. One of them during this conversation litters on the ground, the litter with the assistance of the Anchor fan reaches a girl.  She picks it up and throws it in the dustbin while the boy looks at her in awe and shame.
Excerpts from Spokespersons

“The tropical nature of India makes a fan an absolute necessary. Whether it is ceiling fans, table fans, pedestal fans, wall fans or exhaust fans each one of them are meant for a special purpose and is required at every household or institution. With an estimated market size of 2.5 million fans per month growing at about 10% per annum one has to be extra careful of the innovation, quality and a reliable after sales service. Through this campaign, we wanted to highlight Anchor’s superior ceiling fans range backed by richer designs, able technology and energy-efficient solutions for the new-age homes.” We also wanted to pass a strong social message about making a commitment and abiding by it said Mr. Ashok Gangar, Director of Sales and Marketing, Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd.
“India is evolving and changing at a rapid pace. In our daily routines we often come across decisions that have the ability to change and impact the lives of many people around us. At times we forget that have a responsibility towards our family, our community and our country. With the help of these advertising campaigns we wanted to bring about the fact that our decisions everyday impact many lives, with the right push we can convert that into a positive impact’’, said Mr. Lalit Malhotra, DGM Advertising.
“The idea that Anchor wanted to promote with the help these TVCs was simple, yet beautiful - making the right choice. After being given the brief, we quickly assessed the scenarios and characters which would not only bring about the message of the advertisement but also the vision and belief of the company. Through these Anchor fans TVCs we have tried to emphasize the responsibility and consequences of every small and big decisions that we make”, said Mr. Rajiv Patankar- Agency Head, Brandwiz