Energy Recovery Ventilator

Ventilator Fan

The Healthiest Choice

By using the energy recovery ventilator, outdoor air will be filtered and ventilated indoors. It will also effectively filter the indoor polluted air to outdoors "Greens" lifestyle is achieved and you and your family's health are taken care of.


3 easy and convenient innovations

With 24-Hours continuous ventilation, fresh air will circulate around the whole house. As ventilation with energy recovery ventilator, energy loss of air conditioning (including sensible heat and latent heat) is minimized. This provides a highly efficient, energy saving ventilated environment.

Enjoy Double Comfort with Interlocking Air Conditioning

The newly developed energy recovery ventilator can interlock air conditioning. It allows you to enjoy both fresh air and comfortable temperature.

Convenient Installation and Maintenance

Side maintenance opening is only 450 x 450mm that saves installation space and allows easy inspection for filter, element, as well as terminal box.

Multiple ways of installation, horizontally hanging or vertically mounting

The new energy recovery ventilator of the heat exchange device can be installed onto the ceiling or wall, so from now on installation and maintenance will not be a problem.

Bottom Maintenance

In case side maintenance opening cannot be set due to limited space. Bottom maintenance opening can be applied. Only filter maintenance can be done at bottom maintenance opening.


Whole House Filled with Clean Air

Slim Energy Recovery Ventilator
Slim design, ventilation with filtration
Standard Series

With 24-hour continuous

With 24-hour continuous ventilation, stale air is exhausted while fresh air is enters into the house, Circulation of fresh air throught the whole house is maintained.

Cost Efficient

Considerate Deisgn for Extra Saving

Slim and Quiet

Slim design of the newly developed models enables easy installation in narrow space.

Bypass Ventilation for Speedy Exhaust of Polluted Air

Diversion damper is equipped for Bypass Ventilation. Return airflow (RA) is greater than supply airflow (SA) allowing speedy exhaust of indoor polluted air. By using bypass ventilation during season change, it will be more comfortable and energy saving.

*In case outdoor air is highly polluted, it is not recommended to use bypass ventilation. It may cause negative pressure that polluted outdoor air may ingress into the houses through the gaps at the doors and windows.
[Heat Exchange Mode]

Long term Cost Comparison

Long term cost comparison for Panasonic ventilation fan and recovery ventilator.

Based on the following condition

[Test condition] Location: Beijing area
  • Indoor: Cooling 260c (RH50%) Heating 200C (RH50%)
  • Outdoor: Cooling 33.20c (RH59%) heating -100c (RH45%)
  • Ventilation air volume:200m2 x 2.5m x 0.5 times/h = 250m3/h
  • Air Conditioner operation time:
    summer 24hrs/day x 122 days = 2928hrs(June to September) Winter 24hrs/day x 122 days = 2880hrs (November 15th to March 15th)
  • Electricity charge: 0.48 dollars/KW.h
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