Water Heater

Glass-lined Inner Tank

Exclusively designed enamel coated tanked which prevents corrosion due to hard water.

Adjustable Thermostat

The mechanical thermostat mounted on the outer wall of the water heater gives you the freedom to adjust water temperature.

Glass-lined Heating Element

A special enamel-coated heating enamel that gives better protection and longer life.

Multi-function safety valve

The multi-function safety valve releases excess pressure in the form of droplets and ensures safety of the product and person around it.

Magnesium Anode

A special anode that prevents heating enamel from corrosion thus greatly enhancing its life.

Improved Energy Saving

High density and thick PUF ensures energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills.

Suitable for High Rised Building and Pressure Pump application

It comes with a 1.8mm thick glass lined tank which can withstand extreme pressure of 8 bar and are well suited for high rise buildings. The quality of steel and workmanship makes the tank leak free and gives it a long life.