5 benefits of Electric Storage Water Heater

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What is electric storage water heater?

No one likes waiting too long for the water to heat while having a bath. A storage water heater fulfills your need for ready hot water. It is a water heating appliance that uses a large tank of a specific capacity to store hot water for longer durations. The storage water heater employs the mechanism where the cold water enters the tank from the bottom and is heated inside the tank. Once the water is heated to the desired temperature, one can turn on the tap and enjoy the stream of hot water at their convenience, and the remaining hot water gets stored in the tank to use later. Storage water heaters are equipped with various insulation coatings and walls to retain the water temperature for a long duration. 

Let us look at the various benefits of Electric Storage Water Heater:

1. Ready supply of hot water:

One of the most crucial benefits of buying a storage water heater is the utility it provides by storing the hot water for long durations that can be used anytime at your convenience. With large capacity tanks, you and your whole family can enjoy an uninterrupted supply of hot water. 

2. Low-cost installation and easy to set up:

Electric storage water heaters should be your ideal choice as they are very easy to install. Installation for storage water heaters does not require any additional planning in terms of plumbing, hacking, or special piping; hence the set-up cost is relatively low.

3. Hassel free maintenance:

One of the significant benefits of the storage water heater is that it is easy to maintain. The maintenance usually includes regular flushing to remove mineral deposits, a simple do it yourself procedure, for the most part. You can also read the owner’s manual for specific maintenance recommendations. 

4. Compatibility: 

The electric storage water heaters can be compatible with your current electrical power load and may not require a new circuit to handle the amount of power they need. They are also compatible with high-pressure shower fixtures such as rain showers, massage jets, and bathtubs as the water is already stored that keeps the flow of water at maximum. 

5. High flow rate is not needed:

Flow rate refers to the amount of hot water required at once. The tankless water heaters need a minimum flow rate for the geyser to function efficiently. But in electric storage water heaters, there is no such compulsion of the flow rate. 

The above benefits may contribute to your decision for choosing the best Electric Storage Water Heater for your home. If you wish to fulfill your dream of having a ready flow of hot water at your disposal at all times, then check out Calisto by Anchor, an electric storage water heater packed with advanced technology for refreshing every day. Calisto has an exclusively designed enamel-coated glass-lined inner tank with Magnesium Anode. The geyser comes with a multi-function safety valve and a 5-star energy rating. To make it more desirable and pocket-friendly, Anchor offers a free installation with 1.5 ft inlet-outlet pipes. Now, that should conclude your search for the best electric storage water heater, you can click here to buy and check out this impeccably designed modern bath essential. 

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