Advantages of Switching to Modular Switches & Sockets for Home Decors!

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The modern era is all about having the right combination of class, elegance, and style. In this era, modular switches have been adding a cherry on the cake by injecting a blissful transformation in our spaces. From merely functional to now being the style factor of the home, the journey of switches has been quite transformational.

Earlier, some switches were difficult to operate, shock dispensing, and not very attractive in terms of looks. Modular switches are not only elegant in design, but are also easy to operate, install, shockproof, and multifunctional. While selecting the modular switches for our house, our concerns go around colours, textures, trims, finishes, matching to walls and quality. Because of a variety of options available in the market, selecting switches these days has become a difficult task.

Switch & Socket

For obvious reasons, modular switches have gained popularity in a short span of time. Let’s go a deeper dive to understand these reasons behind the matter: 

  • Upgrades the Elegance Quotient of Decor

    Modern homeowners are willingly opting for modular switches, courtesy to the contemporary and appealing look. With hundreds of customization options available, customers can make their purchase in different materials, finishes, and designs. You can check out from the wide range of Anchor by Panasonic which offers switches in unique finishes and designs. These switches have no visibility of the screws which add to the visual appeal of the interiors.

  • Maximum Protection from Unforeseen Hazards

    Modular switches are not only aesthetics in design but also comprise child-proof sockets i.e. shuttered sockets for the assurance of added safety parameter. Thanks to this feature, kids won’t be able to insert their fingers in the switchboard. Not only this, modular switches and sockets are manufactured from fire redundant material to prevent any possibility of hazardous incidents. Because of the RoHS compliant manufacturing processes, they are environmentally safe and easy to recycle.

  • Assures Multifunctionality & Versatility 

    Modular switches can be used for various applications like automation, signalling, data transmission, etc. These switches also assure flexible installations and can connect to all kinds of plugs without any requirement of country-specific adapters. They can be affixed in any orientation (up, down, or sideways). Available in various capabilities, these switches can be used for heavy-duty applications as well. They can withstand higher voltage and ideal for running appliances like hot plates, room heaters, etc.

  • Dust-Resistant 

    The dust shield feature of the modular switches not only prevents dust from altering the look of the switches but also retains the attractive appeal of the product for a very long period.

  • Ergonomic in Design

    The ergonomic design is bound to assure efficient functioning while the best quality manufacturing process promises endurance factor so that they can be used year after year. Also, they comprise hidden screws, anti-weld design and facilitate hassle-free operation.

Modular switches and sockets have become indispensable in modern times and have the potential to provide a great convenience in our day to day life. No matter how many advance electrical appliances we have, they are operational only because of the switches.

Anchor by Panasonic, India’s only electrical “Super Brand” in this segment, offers a range of modular switches and sockets to install an appealing style to your indoor space. With several brands like Roma, Thea IQ, Vision, Penta, etc., it has established its position straight to the heart of the nation. Its accessories range includes a wide variety of doorbells, Flexi cords, spike guards, multi plugs, and much more.

Make the right choice and get modular switches and sock

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