Anchor Home Automation; a complete guide

Posted on 26 August 2020, By

As we progress through our current pandemic, we’re all adjusting to our new realities. Working from home, shopping from home, and even binge-watching movies at home rather than at the multiplexes. One such reality is doing all our household chores by ourselves. We’ve probably never explored our homes like we’ve done during the lockdown. Which begs the question, have you wondered at times, that if your home were a smart home with automation features like those we only see in films, the lockdown would have been a completely different experience?
Anchor by Panasonic is actually turning these thoughts of ours into reality. Their comprehensive range of state-of-the-art home automation products allow you to monitor and control your appliances remotely, save electricity, and make your homes safer for the children and the elderly.
Their range is led by three main entities: Thea IQ, ROMA Smart Digital and Sensors.

  • Thea IQ: 

    From illumination, air conditioning and blind-shutter control to integration of security systems in a building or flat, Panasonic Thea IQ offers versatile solutions. While the system can be programmed in line with your requirements and the equipment of your building, you can always make additions and modifications in time as per newly arising needs.
    Panasonic Thea IQ enables you to control comfort, energy saving, safety and security systems in any kind of building. It can be controlled either fully automatically or if you wish, centrally right from your desk, and even via your smart phone when you’re outdoors.
    Thea IQ comes with features like touch control, timer-based lighting control, and motion sensors that sense your presence and turn on/off your lighting systems.
    A routine make life easier for us, so we have made routines quicker and easier for you, with Scenario Settings that can be programmed. Daily tasks are now made simpler as you can combine devices and actions to save you those extra few minutes when you need them the most. You can use these Scenario Settings to assign your system products tasks in just a few clicks.

  • ROMA SMART Digital: 

    One look at Anchor by Panasonic’s ROMA Smart Digital home automation panel and you’ll know that it embraces one crucial virtue that others tend to skip; simplicity.
    With a feather-touch panel to control your appliances and lighting, the ease of use for even a beginner is commendable. What’s more? You can control your lighting and security systems through Wi-Fi enabled units using just your mobile phone! Isn’t that something?
    If you’re a morning person, you’ll love ROMA Smart Digital more than anybody else! Let us tell you why. One of the best things about the ROMA Smart Digital system is that you can control the opening and closing of your curtains at your will, at the touch of a button! It can be enabled via remote control, or via your smartphone.
    But the best part comes now; you can align the timing of the curtains to your alarm in the morning, and before you wake up to your alarm, your curtains will have opened, thanks to the timer-based operations of your favourite smart home device.
    ROMA Smart Digital is such a popular home automation system, just by virtue of its simplicity in installation. It can be integrated in your existing wiring system, with no need for any extra fittings or wirings.

  • Motion Sensors: 

    A motion sensor switch turns on a light when it detects movement within its field of view. The light stays on for a preset amount of time and is switched off if no movement is detected within a specified amount of time. Anchor is one of the leading manufacturers of affordable, efficient and durable motion sensor lights in India.
    Thanks to the motion sensors, you need not switch on lights in areas of your home where there is no actual need. Simply install motion sensor light switches and ensure that the lights are switched on only when someone enters or moves about in the room. These motion sensor switches from Anchor by Panasonic are an absolute must-have when you have aged family members and kids in the house, ensuring adequate lighting.

    Anchor by Panasonic is leading the way in home automation systems and is also coming up with a premium range, called the Black Nova. Trust us when we say this, it looks just as classy and elegant as it sounds. With more and more such home automation systems coming into the market, we’re sure that in a few years, smart homes will be just as common as smartphones are today; and that will be a day to look forward to.

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