Different types of electrical switches and their uses!

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Electrical switches are used to perform all the electrical functions. From a fan to bulb, every electrical equipment we use in our day to day life is useless without a switch! A switch is designed to break or make the flow of connectivity in the electronic circuit automatically or manually. There are many types of electric switches available in the marketplace and the working principle of the switch depends on the ON/OFF mechanism. From modular touch switches to wall switches, there are different types of switches meant for different applications. It is important to know what switch is needed for prior to making a purchasing decision.

Electrical Switch

Here is the list of different Electrical switches that are used for various purposes:

  • Wall Switches –

    A wall switch is one of the most common switches that is used in residential and commercial buildings for lighting control. These switches are mechanical switches, specifically designed to operate on line voltage and fit inside standard electrical boxes. The key specifications of this switch-type include combination device function, actuator type, and additional switch functions such as dimmer control, fan speed control, or timer-based switching.

    Anchor offers a wide range of switches in different colours combinations (i.e. golden, silver, orange, green, yellow, etc.), styles, finishes, trend, and appeal so that every application and sector can be graciously served. With several brands like Roma, Rider, Penta, Woods, etc., Anchor has hallmarked its position straight to the heart of the nation. To get a variety of options in modular wall switches, check out Roma – one of India’s largest selling modular switches that come in various colours, textures, and finishes to perfectly blend with any home decor. It assures enhanced safety, robust functionality and long operational life.

  • Modular Touch Switches –

    Modular touch switches have redefined the concept of traditional and old-fashioned switches. These types of switches are aesthetically designed and ensure comfort with style to the user. Becoming popular as a smart home solution, these switches not only let you control your appliances with one touch but also provide that aesthetic appeal required for a millennial lifestyle.

    You can check out Roma Smart Digital Switches. These switches are remote IR control and a feather touch panel. You can also make the light setting as per your choice and your mood. It also comes with the option of Phase Dimming control so that the light brightness can be adjusted as per your convenience. The slim and sleek design along with the easy installation makes this Roma switch a perfect category.

  • Push Button Switches –

    Also referred to as Push Switches, these switches are hand-operated electro-mechanical devices used for switching circuits. They are the most common variety of switch used in industrial control panels. The 30 mm cut-out is a common industrial size. Prominently used for industrial controls and applications, these switches are available in a variety of shapes and styles to cover almost any manual control scenarios.

  • Toggle Switches –

    These switches are also known as a single-pole electric switch. They are actuated by a lever which is pushed through a small arc. Moving the lever back and forth opens and closes an electrical circuit, while the lever position gives a quick visualization of the circuit status. Key specifications include single-throw or double-throw switching function, 1-axis, 2-axis, or 3-axis configuration, or in some cases Omni-directional or joystick toggle configuration, and actuator type. These switches are used extensively in electronics panels and instrumentation where a wider range of switching function is required, such as in switchboards.

  • Dimmer Switches –

    Dimmer switches help in controlling the electricity flow across various lighting sources of your home. Ideally, dimmer switches are equipped with the power to adjust the voltage capacity of any lighting system so that you can turn the light in varying subtle shades as per your convenience and requirement. These switches help you control the electricity flow across various lighting sources of your home and save up to 98 percent of your electrical energy. You can also witness a huge cut down on your electricity bill.

You can purchase electric switches online, without going to market just sitting at home. Even these switches are also available in different colours and styles which are more convenient with your home’s interior.

One of the best websites of online electronic switches, cable, and wiring is – Anchor by Panasonic. It is India’s only electrical “Super Brand” in this segment that has simply established itself a synonym for a switch nationally. Empowered by the technological proficiency from Panasonic, it has constantly endeavoured to deliver simplistic solutions for the residential and commercial premises.

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