Different Types of Fans and Their Uses for Home

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Every household needs a fan in order to get the required ventilation, maintain the temperature of the room in accordance with the seasonal changes and get the relieving cooling comfort. However, there is always an option of choosing from the range of fans available in the market i.e. ceiling fans, table fans, pedestal fans, wall mount fans and many more. Amongst these options, every fan is dedicated to varying needs and personalized requirement of the consumer (it can be based on one’s economic needs, durability, and flexibility in terms of usage).

Here are the different types of fans offered by Anchor and their different uses for home:

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan comes in a variety of sizes and styles to complement the interior style as per the consumer’s preference. These fans are more than just functional; they provide cooling comfort and can also be served as a statement piece to offer versatile style from room to room. Nowadays, many modern fans come with remote control and light feature to deliver the dual-advantage of aesthetics and convenience. Anchor offers ceiling fans (fan model – Lumen’ Air) that assure remote-controlled operation, LED and off-timer for the personalized comfort, while the unique trims and canopy are dedicated to lending an advanced appeal.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fan

To maintain the ideal condition and improve the ventilation of home systems, an exhaust fan is an option to go for. This fan pulls out the excess moisture and unwanted odours from the room and maintains freshness in the indoor environment. An exhaust fan is compact in design and suitable for window, wall or ceiling mounted installation. It is commonly used in bathroom and kitchen, where there is an accumulation of excess moisture due to activities like bathing, cleaning, washing, and cooking.

Table Fans

Table Fan

Table fans are commonly used in home, shop and business establishments to ensure air circulation and balanced room temperature. Considered to be a perfect option for a moderate climate, this fan is an inexpensive way to get the cooling comfort as per the personalized requirement and convenience of the user (courtesy to the portability factor).

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal Fan

It is the most flexible and easy to manage summer utility appliance. Pedestal fans are portable in nature and deliver a personalized cooling experience to the user. One can easily carry it from one place to another and adjust the height as per the requirement. The aerodynamic blades of the fan ensure superior air throw and optimum performance. It is easy to install, does not require any wiring or mechanical intervention and can be positioned near windows to pull in the fresh air. The best part is – these fans can be effectively used for both indoor and outdoor purpose.

Wall Mount Fans

Wall Mount Fan

If you are running out of your floor space for your pedestal fan, a wall-mounted fan is going to the best for your situation. These fans are increasingly gaining more popularity over time because of the ease of installation and ability to take no-space (as it is mounted on the wall) and can be frequently found in homes, gyms, offices, garages, greenhouses, hospitals and many more. Wall mount fans are popular additions to rooms because they save floor space, provide superior air throw and assure instant evaporative cooling.

Cabinet Fan

Cabinet Fan

It can be perfectly integrated into the ductworks. It is usually compact in size to ensure easy installation at narrow ceiling space and seamless ventilation. It can be used as a single port or multi-port to exhaust air from several areas with only one unit and your choice for an ideal ventilating system in providing excellent indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

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When it comes to choosing a brand for different types of fans, Anchor by Panasonic is a preferred option. Offering ingeniously designed and energy-efficient fans, Anchor fans will not only let you experience a cooling comfort but also the stylish designs will add a subtle gleam to your abode. The aerodynamic blades ensure maximum air delivery, superior air throw, optimum performance, and durability. From designer to high-speed fans, from decorative to standard fans, Anchor by Panasonic offers a complete range to meet varied individual needs.

At Anchor from Panasonic, we bring you some of the best appliances that can save on power and money as we have programmed these to run on less power thus reducing the consumption of power, ultimately cutting down on your costs.

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