How LED Lights Are Transforming The Commercial Lighting Industry?

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LED lighting has revolutionized the lighting sector in terms of wide scope of application, flexibility in terms of shape and colour dynamics, outstanding efficiency and longevity. This new age efficient lightning is overpowering every space and is an everyday tool in hotels, shops, museums, theatres, commercial buildings, and smart workplaces. It has been fading out the legacy of inefficient lighting technologies (i.e. fluorescent high-intensity discharge (HID), or halogen) from the commercial market sector.

Positive characteristics of the LEDs include:

  • Long Lifespan and highly efficient.
  • Brilliant colour saturation and low power consumption.
  • White & coloured light with good colour rendering properties.
  • Insensitivity to vibration.
  • Light with almost no heat generation, no IR or UV radiation, no interference with nocturnal insects.
  • Instant flicker-free lighting that is infinitely dimmable.
  • No mercury content and no end-of-life disposal problems.


Commercial LED lighting

With the advent of time, there is a rise in the number of commercial LED lighting buildings and industrial hubs. This rise in demand is generating the need for efficient lighting solutions. LEDs are far more efficient than many conventional light sources: courtesy to the high luminous efficacy and their directional light that can be bundled efficiently. LEDs with intelligent lighting management saves 70% of the energy required for lightning. This makes massive carbon savings and vigorously drive forward the further development and implementation of LED technology.

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LEDs are 10 times more proficient than incandescent solutions. LED lighting solutions can be classified into basic LED, high brightness LED, Organic LED (OLED) and others. The market for LED luminaries is predominantly driven by new installations. It includes lights used in streetlights, high bays, downlights, track lights, troffers, light strips, floodlights etc. for various applications.

LED lighting

From integrated light strip to large-scale illumination, LED lighting has been upgrading the visual impact of any commercial setting. With compact designs and RGB colour controllers, LEDs provide striking accents on any scale. In sports lighting space, the powerful floodlights effortlessly cast light to the tops of spires 240 meters above the ground. From advertising and branding perspective too, the compact LED modules can easily be deployed to illuminate individual characters or entire brand logos. LEDs can be easily integrated into the architecture and are a recommended solution for backlighting translucent surfaces. Intelligent LED solutions also assure good workplace lighting, fulfill statutory energy-saving regulations and make for a sustainable reduction of costs.

We live in an era where disruption is inevitable in each and every industry, let alone the lighting industry. Considering some of the usages of disruptive technologies in other industries like using blockchain to resolve IoT issues or usage of AI in eCommerce marketing, we should agree to the fact that the lighting industry will also on the path of continuous innovations.

All we can say is that with LED technology, the lighting concepts are no longer static but flexibly adaptable to personal needs. They maintain relevant standards, ensure tailored lighting at every space and take care of the economic requirements.

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