How to Reduce Electricity Bill at Home

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One thing we all are trying to do is consume a lot of energy for various domestic as well as commercial purposes, while the electricity bills that arrive is a reason for us to fret around. We really wish to get a smooth ride when the electricity bill is processed, but unfortunately, many a time, it is impossible to exercise control over the usage of power.

A large number of service providers and power-related authorities are in fact, trying to help source out ways to reduce power consumption, meanwhile focusing on issuing tips to reduce electric bills. You can be part of such programs that are organized to provide audit checks to examine the overconsumption of power leading to a hike in energy consumption, which ultimately triggers the electricity bills.

But, such programs are limited to specific areas. If you are from an area where such programs do not happen, then, do not worry, we have some tips, which will help you to keep a check on the power utilization, helping you to save money on your electric bill.

Let us start with the gadgets or electrical equipment that run on electric power. These are the ones that we can find in every household and will be essential in helping each one of you run an audit examination of your electricity consumption:

1) Refrigerator and freezer

Refrigerator and freezer

We all love to store food inside the refrigerator. But, sometimes it happens that there is nothing much to store. No leftovers from the previous night or no vegetables to be cooled, etc. This is one of the reasons that can cause your refrigerator to actually pull over a lot of power to help it stay cool. Here what you can do is stuff your refrigerator with a lot of food. The logic behind this is that your food here is the insulation point that will minimize the amount of time that your refrigerator regularly takes to run in order to stay cool.

2) Automatic dryers are good, but not good for the health of your electricity bill


The luxury and leisure that washing machines, equipped with automatic dryers offer has made us too lazy to get up and walk around. The process is very easy, we can’t blame ourselves for enjoying the luxury. You just have to switch the “dryer” button or the machine will automatically push in the clothes to the drying area, and swirl and rotate it and get it dried.

But, do you know this is not good for your clothes as well as for your electricity bill? Most of us are aware of this fact, but we are too lazy to acknowledge what is good and what is bad. So, next time instead of forcing your clothes into the dryer area of your machine, walk to the backyard of your house and get a cloth liner installed. Dry your clothes here. The sun will help them dry out, while you save some bucks.

3) Turning on all the gadgets simultaneously


In many households, a common mistake that people commit is they switch on all the devices simultaneously. While the mixer grinder is on the kitchen, someone is watching television, while someone is trying to charge on his or her laptop and someone is also switching on the heater, and all the while, someone turns on the air conditioner.

Here what you could do is plug these items into power strips and turn off the strips in the middle of the utilization.

See this simple energy-saving hacks can help you save a lot of money.

4) Do you use air conditioners?


air conditioners

There is no need to explain why you have a run on your money when the electricity bill arrives if there is an air conditioner in your home. But, you can say goodbye to heat with some simple tricks rather than installing a big air conditioner in your home. Close the curtains and blinds of your windows to ensure the sun doesn’t hit indirectly. You can consider installing a tinted window frame.

Try this and see how it cools your rooms while keeping the sun at bay and helping you save on electricity bills. Or another option you can try is installing ceiling fans. Let us give some rest to the air conditioners.

Ceiling fans and table fans are also a great idea to keep the air circulation on inside your homes. This will ensure that there is no way heat enters your home while keeping it cool always.

You need to keep a check on the air filters of your air conditioner. Change it occasionally.

Also, plant trees around your house. We can save the environment and reduce the pressure on air-conditioners.

Ceiling fans will ensure that air circulation is happening inside your homes

5) Off-peak times could be a great idea


Aiwa … Is there a particular time that the electricity board of your area declares as off-peak times. Then, utilize it. You could run your dishwasher, washing machine, even heat water at this particular time, and then, check your electricity bill. We bet it has lowered down now.

6) When did you check on your HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) the last?


There can be some areas that you have missed out, which are actually causing your air conditioner to consume a lot of power.

Here are some point checks in the HVAC that can help reduce the electricity bill:

  • Setting the thermostat to the coolest of temperatures in winter or highest in summer, depending on your comfortability, brings about a change in the power consumption, reducing electricity bills.
  • Examine your insulation. Inappropriate insulation can lead to loss of heat or cooling, causing enormous consumption of power.
  • Seal your home to prevent air leaks, which in fact beefs up the consumption of power inside the HVAC required to cool the temperature.
  • The filter needs to be changed every 30 days and most of the times, we forget to change it or we are unaware of it. Get your HVAC team do this or if you know how to do it, you do not need to wait for assistance.
  • It is always an excellent idea to operate your HVAC at optimum or stable temperatures.

7) What temperature does your home water heater run on?


We all are in a habit of keeping it at the highest temperature to get the water heated quickly. But, do you know this is consuming a lot of power and mostly, we keep it on during peak hours. This overloads your electricity-power cycle and also, adds to the bill. This could contribute to more than 12% of the total power. You could heat water at say 130-140-degrees temperature. Also, another tactic is to install an insulation jacket while insulating the first six feet of the piping to help reduce power utilization.

8) Washing machine and dish wash hacks


You can minimize a large amount of electricity consumption by washing a whole lot of clothes or dishes, as both these systems consume a lot of power.

Also, when using your washing machine, the best strategy is to wash clothes in cold water rather than depending on warm or hot water, because when water is on high-temperature it consumes more power.

Another thing you could do is to wash your clothes at night on low heat. This will reduce power consumption, saving on power.

9) Dimmer switches


Do you have dimmer switches installed in your home? Not always do you need a full-power packed electric flow in your house, isn’t it?

You can reduce and minimize power efficiency as and when you need.

Use dimmer switches, which helps you to make adjustments as and when you require, also helping you save a lot on power.

10) Cookwares


Yes, this is another thing that consumes a lot of power.

You could switch over to glass rather than using aluminium or other kind of dishes.

Many people have found this tip useful in helping them to cut down the electric bill.

11) Look for energy star label when buying appliances:


It is a known fact that appliances labelled with “energy star” are programmed to consume less power and save energy. Fact is that it helps in saving around 40% of the cost on your electricity bill when you get energy star appliances for your home.

12) Again dishwasher


How many of you are in a habit of drying out your dishes inside your dishwasher?

Why apply all the heat from the machine to your dishes and ruin their in-built properties?

Next time air dry your dishes.

Try it out, it actually helps to save a lot of your money and power that is wasted unnecessarily.

You can neatly arrange your dishes on a dish rack and let in some air. It will dry these up.

13) Microwaves


Microwave oven

Yeah, it is good to microwave your food. But, not too often. It is not good for your health as well as for your electricity bill too.

You could eat salads, fruits and even barbeque foods to save on power consumption. Strive toward healthy eating and healthy living.

14) Compact fluorescent light bulbs


This is one main point that you need to remember when buying those flashbulbs or any kinds of lights for your home. Replace all existing bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs or the CFLs, which will help save up to 70% of energy and are 10 times more reliable than any other bulbs.

Get CFLs with energy star labels for your home and witness for yourself how much you can save on your electricity bills.

15) Plant a lot of trees


This is one of the best strategies that we can implement, while a lot of deforestation and chopping of trees is happening everywhere. Let us plant a number of trees to help save energy and reduce the exposure of carbon dioxide while increasing the most needed oxygen everywhere.

Let us breathe fresh air, and live and let live.

These tips will help minimize the consumption of power, saving it for today, tomorrow and forever.

At Anchor from Panasonic, we bring you some of the best appliances that can save on power and money as we have programmed these to run on less power thus reducing the consumption of power, ultimately cutting down on your costs.

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