The Solar Energy Potential of Your Roof!

Posted on 26 August 2021, By

Solar energy has been in the news for multiple reasons. Reducing energy costs and improving the environment are among the many reasons why more and more people are choosing solar-powered products for their homes and offices. While solar-based products were initially common among corporates, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to go eco-friendly by choosing solar products for their homes. Not only do they help save costs, but they are also more efficient than traditional energy resources. 

By using solar panels, your rooftop can generate the power you need and ensure energy freedom for you. Today, solar rooftops have excellent potential to contribute qualita aldactone con spedizioni to India’s energy consumption. So, what are some benefits of having a solar rooftop and how can you calculate the solar potential of your roof?

Reduced energy bills

One of the most common benefits of solar rooftops is that they are cost-saving. With solar panels installed on their rooftops, buildings and societies have to buy less electricity from grids, and thus end up saving more money. 

Better access to energy

In large parts of rural India, people still do not have access to electricity. Because of this, they have to rely on Diesel and generators to get electricity. Not only is the cost for it high, but it also leads to a lot of hassle. By using solar energy, these areas can enjoy continuous access to electricity without spending too much money. 

Government support

The government also provides support to buildings that opt for solar panels. A 30% subsidy on the installation cost is provided by the government to encourage more and more residential areas as well as corporates to go solar. 

Numerous solar energy providers in the country are now helping residents and corporates to understand the energy potential of their rooftops. Various factors like the location, energy consumption, amount of sun the solar panels will receive, your roof’s available square footage, the solar panel wattage, etc. are considered before installing a solar panel on your roof. 

Anchor by Panasonic designs solar modules specifically for the Indian market. Their products ensure high energy efficiency, a higher exposed cell area that yields more energy, as well as a positive power tolerance that delivers higher output. 

Not only are their products easy to maintain, but they also promise excellent quality output as well as almost negligible maintenance throughout their lifetime.

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