Top Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Home This Diwali 2019

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Diwali is around the corner, so is the excitement to decorate the home and transform the look of the appeal using creative ideas. Whether it is about buying fancy multicoloured-lights or investing in the premium Mahogany furniture, homeowners do every possible effort to impart the true essence of festive celebrations into their abode. Its Diwali season, an attractive lighting set-up is a need for the festivities. LED lights are the most important aspect of Diwali decorations and people don’t hesitate to purchase the best stuff from the market. The only idea behind this activity is to make our house look resplendent and beautiful.

LED Strip Light

Here are some creative decoration ideas and useful tricks that will help you to light up your space in an astonishing manner. Illuminate your home this Diwali with the help of the ideas mentioned below:

  • Glam-up the Space with LED Light Strips

    LED light strip is popular and appreciated for its versatility as it can be used in various creative ways. You can use your LED light strips in the cabinets and places behind beds and sofas to give a surreal effect. You just need a strip light, a power unit, and a way to attach the two to operate your lights. Whether you are using it for aesthetic purpose or functional purpose, these lights can spruce up the accent features of the furniture and add more glam to your Diwali celebrations.

  • Combine Earthen Lamps with LED Diyas to Deck-up Exteriors

    Once you are done with your interiors, it’s time to decorate and illuminate the exterior part of your home. You can decorate the entrance of your house, by using flowers, colours and LED diyas. You can also make creative Rangolis by using these items. You can also combine the earthen lamps, statement lamps, and traditional coloured glass ones to kickstart your festive celebrations.

  • Invest in Hanging Pendant Lights 

    Hanging Pendant lights are the most modern transformation of the traditional “kandeel or lantern” and can never go out of the trend. You can either simply purchase it from the marketplace or create your own by using Hoola-hoop with LED string lights all around it. It will inject an enchanting lighting effect in your home.

  • Use LED Diyas in your Rangoli 

    No matter how beautiful the Rangoli is, it is always incomplete without the glow of traditional Earthen diyas. But with the advent of time, traditional diyas have undergone a significant transformation and LED diyas are becoming the trendsetter of every festive season! You can purchase LED diyas of various sizes to light up one’s home and create focus areas. You can also opt for LED strings, multi-coloured LED strips, floral crystals to boost your decorations for this festive season.

Quick Lighting Ideas for Diwali Decorations

  • Use LED string lights and hanging flowers chain in painted cages (or with other decorative items) for an eye-catching appeal.
  • Use LED string lights or flickering fairy lights to decorate your temple, windows, pillars, balcony, main entrance, and the garden. Add colourful blinking lights, behind sheer curtains, on the balcony and the window sill.
  • Take glass vases of different shapes, fill them water, add fresh flower petals and embellished beads, and decorate them with floating candles or diyas to impart elegance in your festive decorations.
  • Use aromatic candles to impart an appealing look and freshen up the ambience of your home.
  • Use LED light strips underneath your dining table, cabinets, kitchen shelf, window areas, etc. for a beautiful effect.

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Incorporating these quick LED lighting hacks will not only help you to enhance your Diwali celebrations but also make the style of your home talk of the town…!

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