Type of Anchor exhaust fans and buying guide

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Air circulation indoors is one of the majorly overlooked issues which has been contributing to respiratory illness. We all need fresh air not just outside but inside our homes, offices, garages and at any occurring conventions. Without this, strong odours, fumes, heat, smoke and grease will remain in the house, especially in the kitchen affecting your health ultimately. The solution to this is an Exhaust Fan or Commercial Fan. It removes heat from the inside of rooms and encourages continuous air circulation of fresh air.
Using smart technology, Anchor by Panasonic has developed appliances that improve Indoor Air quality for a healthy living. Anmol Exhaust Fans are a high performing range that eliminates toxic particles and provides refreshing air with exceptional quality. The range consists of three models crafted for your care.

  • Anmol

    Anmol exhaust fans are compact in its design. It has a high-performance motor that consumes low electricity. It comes with a safety guard that helps in avoiding accidental contact from rotating fan blades and blocks all foreign particles. It also has a thermal overload protector that ensures protection from sudden voltage fluctuations.

  • Anmol deluxe

    The Anmol Deluxe fan is an upgraded version of Anmol. It has a sturdy metal body with double ball bearings. This high performance motor ensures better ventilation making it dynamic and effective for residential as well as light commercial applications.

  • Anmol heavy duty

    As its name suggests, this is built for heavy-duty. It has double ball bearings and dynamically balanced blades that give solid support and vibration free working. Coated with epoxy powder, it has a fine finish that prevents it from all corrosive elements. It’s IP55 protection ensures protection from water spray and dust ingress. enabling it to survive harsh weather conditions. Anmol Heavy duty are ideally suited for commercial and light industrial applications.

Entire Anmol range is available in a variety of sweep sizes starting from 150mm upto 450mm.
Anmol exhaust fan are very beneficial for maintaining ideal temperature and air quality. They not only improve ventilation by letting out the bad air from the indoor environment but also eradicates chemical fuel build-up and other contaminants, harmful for health.
Whatever your needs may be, Anchor is always here. We have been producing efficient and elegant products in electronics. And hence, we are a popular household choice in India. To know more, visit

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