What types of cables used in Industrial and Residential settings?

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In simple words, wire & cable is a medium through which electric energy & data signal transfer from one place to another. To ensure smooth electricity supply and other telecommunication signals, proper wire & cable installation is of paramount importance. An electrical wire & cable comes in different size, types, colour, application to match different needs and requirements. There are many types of wires & cables available in the marketplace, designed for application ranging from transmission and communication to heavy industrial and residential use.

Here is a brief about a few major categories of cables that are widely used in every industrial and residential setting:

  • Building Wire: Building wire or electrical wires are commonly used in any residential, commercial, multi story building for electrification.
  • Multi-Core Flexible Cable: This type of cable is commonly used in industrial applications and few residential applications. Multi-core cable (MCC) is usually made with highly flexible copper conductors and specially formulated flexible FR PVC insulation and PVC sheathing that impart superior flexibility to the cable.
  • Three Core Flat Submersible Cable: This cable is specifically manufactured to power submersible pumps which go deep inside earth surface to fetch water. This cable is capable to provide electrical energy to a submersible pump installed underwater in harsh & hostile conditions. Tough and flexible, this cable is moisture, abrasion and weather resistant. This cable is generally used for irrigation purpose.
  • Telephone & Switchboard Cable: The Telephone & Switchboard cable is an advanced communication cable designed for improved voice transmission, clarity and eliminating cross-talk. It is most suitable for indoor interconnection of telephone, intercom and EPABX systems. In addition to this, the use of electrolytic grade copper conductor of high purity and uniform diameter (having low resistance) eliminates voice loss and thus delivers crisp clarity.
  • Coaxial Cable: These cables are generally used in TV signal transmission to homes. Used by cable operators, DTH providers.
  • UTP CAT Cable: These cables are used for transmitting data and voice signals in LAN for structured networking like in offices to connect all the computers to server.
  • Power & Control Cable: LT & HT power (AL) & control (CU) cables are used in industries, commercial & multi residential complexes for providing electrical supply from source.
  • Shielded cables: These cables are used for industrial & signalling purpose.
  • Speaker cables: These cables are used for voice signals to speakers
  • CCTV cables: These cables are used to provide voice & image signals from close circuit camera to TV or monitor

So these are some common types of cables used in the industrial and residential setting, keeping in mind the application, size, specification & other electrical protocols.

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