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Switches are a quintessential component of electrical fitting in any commercial and personal complex. As the time is changing, the wave of modular switches is bringing a paradigm shift in the switches and sockets space and overpowering the old-conventional switches. They are no longer just a need but also bringing luxury to the interiors. For obvious reasons, these switches are becoming an imperative part of the interiors. They are not only aesthetically appealing but also safe and convenient to use.

Let’s look at the advantages of modular switches over conventional switches:

  • One of the prominent features of these switches is the multifunctionality! These switches can be used for different applications, like automation, signalling, security and data transmission. As these switches comprise immense flexibility and available in many capacities, they can be used for heavy-duty applications too. Also, these switches can connect with all kinds of plugs without requiring any country-specific adapters. These switches are ideal for running appliances on a daily basis.
  • Modular switches and sockets give the assurance of safety as they pose no risk of an electrical shock! These switches do not have any metallic parts on the front surface, crafted out of high-quality plastic, and come with children proof sockets. If you have children at home, installing modular switches is the best decision.
  • Elegant and stylish, modular switches are a major utility inclusion in decor planning. Easily available in various styles, finishes, and colours, these new-age switches have the potential to perfectly complement any interiors (be it home or office) and uplift the visual appeal.
  • These switches enable you to experiment with the different options of switch plates (it can be glass switch plates, coloured switch plates or much more); courtesy to the versatile designing! Apart from this, it empowers you with various customization options.
  • These switches are very efficient and assure durability for a long period of time. Technologically designed, these modern switches ensure soft touch and noiseless operation.
  • As these switches are manufactured from fine redundant materials, they are environmentally safe and easy to recycle.

While buying switches, it is very important to consider some important features. It is always recommended to purchase those electrical switches which are made from high-quality and flame-retardant material (as mentioned above).

For the last five decades, Anchor has been providing a wide range of quality electrical switches and accessories. It offers a range of switches and accessories with exquisite craftsmanship and unique design for residential and commercial premises. Empowered by the technological proficiency from Panasonic, it has delivered simplistic solutions for the residential and commercial premises. With several brands like Roma, Rider, Penta, Woods, etc., Anchor has hallmarked its position straight to the heart of the nation. Its accessories range includes a wide variety of Door Bells, Spike Guards, Flexi cords, Plug Tops, and Multi plugs. 

Let’s talk about these top brands in a detailed manner: 


Roma is one of India’s largest selling modular switches that come in a variety of range in terms of colours, textures, and finishes to perfectly blend with any home decor. It assures enhanced safety, robust functionality and long operational life.

  • The “Roma Classic – largest selling modular switches” comes with IP 20 protection with captive screws, arc shield protection, sockets with uniform plug insertion and withdrawal force and 1000mAh USB charging port with short circuit and surge protection.
  • The “Roma Vetro (Glass Plates)” series features precision diamond-cut for stylish design, high density toughened glass and UPP technology to ensure the rich colour effect.
  • The “Roma Plus – Residential & Hospitality series” comes with sleek and collarless cutting-edge design, soft operational sound, and elegant glass finish.
  • The “Roma Urban” range comprises three major factors i.e. elegance, style, and performance. This range takes care of energy management and conservation, keeping in mind performance and durability.
  • “Roma Smart Digital” range comes with feather touch panel, remote IR control and features a slim and sleek design. This series is bound to give a smart digital touch to your modern living. 

Penta Modular

This is India’s fastest growing Modular switch in the category. Penta Modular is a brand-new offering from Penta, India’s first piano switch. Carrying the trust of unparalleled safety, Penta Modular comes with a bold yet brilliant aesthetic appeal. Featuring bold yet brilliant aesthetic appeal, the switches by Penta are designed as per the modern needs of the Indian consumers.


Offering a range of premium switches, Woods takes care of the sleek and collarless design and smooth gloss finish to provide an elegant appeal.

  • The switches by Woods operate with soft sound but solid contact and fastest make and break technology to provide effortless and silent operation.
  • The fascinating finishes of the beautiful Stella front cover plates blend beautifully with any decor to enhance your ambience.
  • The switches comprise spark shield to prevent accidental fire.
  • An array of colourful plates in Matrix series can match any wall decor.


For nearly two decades, Anchor’s Rider range of switches and accessories have occupied a place in the best of modern homes. Unique in design and technology, Rider offers a world-class range of wiring devices and accessories.

  • Safety of Operation ensured with Arc Shield while the sleek and stylish looks complement the aesthetic appeal of the modern space interiors.
  • The rider uses inherent elastic properties of phosphor bronze with state-of-the-art design to provide the ultimate complete action contact sockets.
  • The switches meet the international quality standards & offer the ultimate value for money.

We also have other top brands that have been gaining good popularity in the marketplace and transforming the switch & socket space.

So, next time you renovate your home, do browse our range of modular switches and accessories.

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