Understand the importance of switchgear and protection devices?

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Switchgear protection is very important in any modern power system network. From power generation to distribution, switchgear helps run the electrical appliances in a streamlined manner and protects the equipment from overload Short-Circuit damage.

When the power in terms of Current & voltage are escalated at a rapid pace, the Switchgear comes under the action & quickly controls the damage of electrical circuit. From this is where the inception of switchgear and protection devices happened in the newest form. Switchgear can be defined as a basic way that it is combination of Switching device & controlling device which is associated to current interruption device including control circuit, measuring instrument, metering, regulation & others associated equipments of electrical power system.

Electrical Switchgear Protection Devices

The most common examples of switchgear devices are – switches, fuses, circuit breaker, isolator, relays, current, and potential transformer, indicating instrument, control panels, etc. In the situations of heavy current load or any fault in the electrical power system, the equipment’s tends to get damaged, and the service is also interrupted. In order to protect the electrical equipment from any possible damage, these switchgear protection devices are required. Switchgear devices provide a way in which power equipment can be de-energized and faults can be cleared.

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There are two types of switchgear i.e. high voltage and low voltage. i.e High Tension(HT) & Low Tension(LT), High voltage switchgear is used for electrical supplies such as motors and large capacity electrical equipment requiring upwards of  more than 1000V AC. Low voltage switchgear runs electrical equipment under 1,000 volts AC

Functions of a Switchgear and protection devices:

The three basic functions of switchgear power systems are – electrical protection, electrical isolation, and control.

  • It helps to protect the electrical machines and appliances. It interrupts the circuit that is experiencing overload while still allowing currents to flow through the unaffected circuits.
  • It also provides isolation of circuits and the part of the system that is energized. This provides protection to the person who is repairing the power system/equipment.
  • It enhances system availability by allowing more than one source to feed a load.

One of the most essential components of switchgear is a current interruption (switching) device i.e. circuit breaker. The circuit breaker can be operated manually when required but is also designed to ‘trip’ automatically in the event of an overload or any type of fault in the system. It detects the fault through a protection relay and triggers before damage can occur.

The switchgear and protection devices range offered by Anchor by Panasonic is powered by advanced Panasonic technology and engineered by the finest brains of India and Japan. The devices feature state-of-the-art design, environmentally friendly and meet the RoHS compliance defined by the European Standards. Also, the power loss values are much lower than the specified value of IS/IEC making the protection devices the most energy efficient and high performance.

At Anchor from Panasonic, we bring you some of the best appliances that can save on power and money as we have programmed these to run on less power thus reducing the consumption of power, ultimately cutting down on your costs.

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