Panasonic Homes & Living presents siding that take the beauty of your homes a notch above the usual and give it certain benefits that don’t usually come along with ordinary sidings.

So from now on step foot into your homes with the assurance that beauty and safety are rooted at the very core of it.

KMEW Board KMEW Board KMEW Board KMEW Board KMEW Board KMEW Board


KMEW Board

Air Purifying Function -
Photocatalytic coat decomposes pollutants in the air and exhaust gas (NOx and SOx) into clean air.

KMEW Board

Super Weather Resistant -
The double effects of the inorganic resin and the inorganic UV absorber protects against overtime and cuts UV Rays

KMEW Board

Antibacterial -
Photocatalytic ceramic coating suppresses the spread of black mold, which causes black spots on siding.

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