Electronic bidet: Know about the Japanese toilet system with hands-free solution for cleansing, drying


In the early 1960s, Arnold Cohen from Brooklyn came up with a toilet seat design with an inbuilt nozzle for spraying warm water and blowing air. He did this as a remedy for his father who was suffering from a medical condition that caused pain in the rectal area. This technology could be used by those who could not use toilet paper or reach around to wipe themselves.

Arnold patented this design in 1964, founded the American Bidet Company, and started marketing the product — but it failed to win consumers. Cohen eventually licensed his invention and patent to the TOTO company in Japan, who then rebranded the product as “Wash Air Seat” in 1967, as per reports.

Later, the company introduced yet another similar mechanism with three functions: rear cleansing, dryer and a heated seat, and called it Washlet G. Both of these products worked mechanically but they took several minutes for the spray to start and the water to heat.

TOTO had to come up with a solution. So, they decided to make it electronic.

Today, electronic bidets are globally popular as an integral feature of Japanese toilets. It includes a seat attached to an existing toilet, with a nozzle that sprays a jet of warm water that is electrically powered with electronic controls. Some have an adjustable nozzle on the side rim or two nozzles on the back rim, among other features.

In India, Panasonic recently announced the launch of an electric toilet seat (ETS) based on the Japanese model, with benefits for personal hygiene. It has been made using antibacterial seat technology and comprises a “unique 3D curve seat with an electric bidet that adjusts according to each body type suitable for all,” states a press release.

The ETS also has a built-in water filter to keep impurities at bay. As per the press release, “The two washing modes in the product allows the user to control/adjust the water temperature between 34-40 degrees as per their liking. It also has a built-in safety feature of electrical leakage indicator, occupancy switch & backflow prevention.”

Where to buy electronic toilet seat:

Apart from Panasonic, electronic bidets of brands like Kohler are available on online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can also shop from the brand’s official websites.

The electric seat is priced at Rs 49,999.


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