EXCLUSIVE: Here’s how to revamp your office interiors keeping social distancing in mind, post COVID 19


We talked to some professionals about the future of office interiors aimed for

Post COVID- 19, everything will be on its place once again, things will get back to normal and we will go to our workplaces again. But what about the protocol for social distancing? How are we going to adjust with it to stay safe? And what about the workplace and its interiors?

Earlier, a 120 sq. ft. area used to get allocated for each person on the office floor. But now it has come down to 70 sq. ft. per person due to the increase in real estate lease rentals in metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Gurgaon. The increasing cost of office interiors is also indirectly responsible for all of these changes.

For the sake of employee’s safety, some organisations are pressuring employees to work from home. But some are focusing on converting their workplace into a “hot seat”. This concept has already been accepted by IT firms, where people will generally work from home but can come to the office for when it’s required and will use the “hot seat” or “hot cabin”, which can be booked before. This will decrease the pressure of a large space for the workplace and eventually the cost of rent will be lowered.

Though, companies will have to maintain certain other criteria to opt for this new workplace. For example, they will have to focus on air quality and strong ventilation system.

Mainly, we need to maintain social distancing in meeting rooms, canteen, training room, breakout areas etc. And interiors designers will also have to be more cautious and need to be more innovative about new designs to make the place look more uncluttered and cleaner.

There will be a changed outlook towards the materials used for making the furniture and other elements inside the office. It will be expected that everything in the office should be easy to clean and sanitise, thus there may be a change in outlook towards carpets for example and preference towards ceramic tiles or wooden tiles that are easier to sanitise.

After this prolonged lockdown period, when everything is back to normal, health and safety would be the first and foremost things for office designing.

Reference: Pink Villa