Panasonic Life Solutions India (Erstwhile Anchor Electricals)



The prominence of Anchor as India’s only “Switches SuperBrand” testifies to the fact that it is still the most respected brand to be leading this business vertical. The company had introduced its first product named ‘Tumbler Switches’ in the year 1963 in Mumbai. The product was a snap switch in which the blades were actuated by a lever being pushed up or pulled down.


In the last 5 decades, the switches market has rapidly evolved in India. Due to increased digitization, there has been a rise in demand for IoT/Wi-Fi enables products that make users’ life simple and convenient. With the growing aspirations of entry-level customers to shift from non-modular to modular switches at affordable pricing, we introduced the ZIVA range in our latest offering under the switches category. It is a series of modular switches, sockets, and accessories.

Panasonic’s home automation offers a smart product line having both wired and wireless solutions. Our wireless series includes India’s largest range of smart doorbells, smart plugs, and switches under the IoT “Vetaar” platform along with the Zigbee gateway to connect all the devices. This helps our customers to control, schedule, and automate home appliances and connect them via mobile application.


The Tumbler switches were broad, circular in shape which was operated with the help of a lever being pushed up or pulled down. However, they can be mounted directly on the wall surface without any support of the base plate.

Ziva is a range of modular switches with a collared design. These switches are rocker based which can be operated with the movement of the contact bridge. These can be easily installed in Ziva Modular Plates in both vertical and horizontal placement formats. The features include one lakh switch operations, captive screw, IP20 protection and exclusive black accessories that match the modern-day home décor.

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