Panasonic Life Solutions presents a decorative range of high-speed fans


Luxoria Dlx and Sonora Dlx add to the aesthetic value of one’s interiors

Panasonic Life Solutions introduces their decorative fan series, which brings modernity into homes. The decorative range of fans by Panasonic Life Solutions comes with multiple features, from contemporary LED lights, a metallic paint finish, high-quality double ball bearings, and a modern artistic finish to the blades, and a vivid range of colours. To highlight a couple from the attractive, decorative range of fans, there are the Luxoria Dlx and the Sonora Dlx high-speed fans. The Luxoria Dlx model comprises of uniquely-shaped blades for effective air circulation, while Sonora Dlx comes with decorative trim and wide blades to complement the interiors. Both the products have high-quality pre-­greased double ball bearing­s providing frictionless and noiseless workin­g, along with ‘anti-dust’ coating for easy cleaning. These products also add to the aesthetic value of one’s interiors. 

Luxoria Dlx Matt Ivory Mahogany

Sonora Dlx has chic colour options such as Soft Brown Copper, Pearl Cream Grey, Metallic Ivory Gold, Honey Gold Briken and Gloss Pearl Chrome. On the other hand, the Luxoria Dlx consists of a diverse list of colours with wooden patterns in Matt White Mahogany, Matt Smoke Brown Teak and Metallic Ivory Mahogany.

Gone are the days of a normal fan; ceiling fans these days have versatile designs that cater to every need of the customer, and perfectly match their home décor. These fans not only claim to reach every corner of the room, but also ensure energy-efficiency and promise to meet one’s technological needs.

Reference: Architect and Interiors India