Panasonic Life Solutions presents energy-efficient ventilation fans


The ceiling and wall-mounted fans minimise obstacles against airflow and remove 90% of droplet nuclei from the room

A recent letter by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to the WHO mentioned the spread of the coronavirus can be limited in buildings, residences, and hospitals through proper ventilation. The ventilation fans market expects to see a rise in the demand as people get more aware and accustomed to the measures that help fight against the pandemic. In line with the current global situation, Panasonic Life Solutions India has introduced a new range of ventilation fans which can be both ceiling and wall-mounted.

The fans feature advanced blade design based on aerodynamic principle that minimises obstacles against airflow. It removes 90% of the droplet nuclei from the room, hence, mitigating the chances of the virus from spreading. It also comes with an insect screening net which prevents small insects from entering through the duct.

Apart from this, the wall mount ventilation fan has a slim and sturdy design that is easy to install. Both ventilation fans boast lowest power consumption (less than an LED bulb) along with an extraordinary silence feature. The product is available online on Amazon and Flipkart

Reference: Architect and Interiors India