A better life begins at home

We are a company that inspires ways of living and are committed to offering the best of comfort, safety, health to everyone around the world by combining proprietary technologies and our vast knowledge of home appliances, houses and housing equipment.

Our sixty years of history in System Housing

By fulfilling the requirements of people for better living through multiplying our technologies and knowhow, we expanded our business categories.

Analyzing action and motion to achieve optimal ergonomic designs. To develop products everybody finds easy to use.

Panasonic values its craftsmanship DNA that has been refined over its long history. We make sure our manufacturing emphasizes the “human” aspects as we apply the methodology of ergonomics, universal design and similar disciplines. And because lifestyles differ from country to country, we research each country’s popular lifestyles in order to provide valuable feedback to product development.This way we are able to develop products that people everywhere can use easily and open up new markets.

Strict evaluation tests are conducted to maintain the highest quality.

At Panasonic we performed multiple unique and rigorous quality evaluation tests such as durability tests conducted over thousands and even tens of thousands of times. We do not compromise quality in any product and in any markets all over the world.

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