Beautiful & Spacious

It's okay if there are many things in your kitchen. After all it’s about a huge array of tastes and flavours and we know how you would love to make space for all of it. You can store a lot and take it out easily.

Beautiful and large capacity floor unit

All you need is easily accessible with our beautiful and customisable floor unit. It can be customised as per your need.

Rails and storage sections

are unified in a dark gray colour

Side panel prevents pot handles from protruding.Cross gallery/partition bar. The partition position is adjustable according to the stored items.

Features & Specifications

Large-capacity floor stocker

Storage is available down to the very bottom section, conventionally an unused space. Convenient for storing less frequently used or heavy items such as pots.

Built-in stainless steel base

All drawers are lined with stainless steel mats making it aesthetic and easy to clean.

Soft closing mechanism with

full-open slide rails

The damper works from about 6 cm before it closes completely, and it closes quietly.

Stand-In Storage. Easy to find, Easy to take out

Beautiful and easily accessible

Stand-in Storage

Corner Unit

Our corner accessories are very unique and allow perfect utilisation of space. Even the filler spaces open up giving storage space and better accessibility to corner spaces. Being on castors, it can be moved as per convenience.

Wall Unit

Pursuing ease of use “within arm’s reach”

Wall units with variable heights.

Height can be selected from four sizes — 500, 600, 700 or 900 mm — according to the storage amount and installation space. Maximum load capacity of shelves: 10 kg/shelf.


Extra Care for Safety and Hygiene

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