3CF Submersible Cables From Anchor By Panasonic


Anchor by Panasonic has introduced a line of 3CF submersible cables, to add to their growing portfolio of wires and cables.

This new range of submersible cables has been designed to be abrasion-resilient and dependable in physically demanding environments with little to nil drop in its performance. Health and Environmental concerns are added another factors that are influencing the electrical market with intensified demand for improved options.

Inventive design with improvised features make the 3CF Submersible cables the perfect company for irrigation pumps’

Keeping in mind that this cable is used deep underground the earth’s surface, submerged in damp situations, cables have been ingrained to be weather and moisture resistant. Additionally, focusing on dealing with health & environmental hazards, electrolytic grade copper conductors having 99.97 per cent purity are insulated with REACH and RoHS compliant FR grade PVC and PVC sheathing, ensuring it to be absolutely safe for usage in populated areas and challenging landscapes.

Taking cognizance of the increasing demands for water, Anchor by Panasonic has introduced this three-core flat shaped cable to make it suitable shape wise for the flat slot provided in submersible pumps with 101 per cent conductivity. Each of the features have been designed keeping in mind the enhanced need of uninterrupted power flow with reliable attributes that will ensure continual fetching of water for irrigation and drinking purpose.


  • Copper: Bright annealed electrolytic grade copper having 99.97% – 99.99% purity
  • Conductivity: 101%
  • Insulation:REACH & RoHS complaint FR PVC (1st in industry)
  • Sheathing: REACH & RoHS complaint PVC (1st in industry)
  • Core colours: Red, Yellow & Blue
  • Weather & moisture resistant
  • Sheath colour: Black