Anchor by Panasonic unveils new brand positioning campaign; Conceptualised by Leo Burnett India


Mumbai : Anchor by Panasonic, one of India’s leading manufacturers of electrical construction materials, launched its new campaign ‘Naye India ke Badhte Load ke Liye’. With the advancement and accessibility of technology, there has been a growing demand for new-age electrical appliances. However, in the process of building a dream home packed with high-tech electrical devices, one often overlooks the most important measure – using sustainable quality wiring and MCB (switchgears).

The campaign takes a humorous route to highlight how Anchor by Panasonic’s superior product offerings, that feature the latest Japanese technology, are designed to meet new India’s growing demand for new-age electrical appliances.

Anchor by Panasonic’s wires and cables are built with high current-carrying capacity that safeguard all connected devices and heavy appliances even during prolonged usage. Anchor by Panasonic’s MCBs are made with the fastest trip mechanism which ensures the timely protection of connected appliances and homes from overloads, short circuits and leakage current. Conceptualised by Leo Burnett India, the campaign films emphasise on the fact that India’s only electrical ‘Super Brand’, Anchor by Panasonic, offers security and quality with the latest Japanese technology to suit every customer’s requirements.

Commenting on the launch of the integrated campaign, Mr Vivek Sharma, MD AEPL said, “Anchor Electricals’ Indian heritage and products coupled with Panasonic’s Japanese technology and innovation empower us to provide our customers with a vast range of high-quality electrical products. With the “Naye India ke Badhte Load ke Liye” campaign, we plan to position Anchor by Panasonic as a brand that is familiar with modern India’s expectations from its electrical devices and showcase how the customers benefit from our offerings. Anchor by Panasonic is India’s brand of choice for switches and through this campaign we aim to make Anchor by Panasonic synonymous with switchgears and wires& cables too. The future of electrical product market is very promising, with great opportunities in the utilities, industrial, residential, and commercial sectors among others, we at Anchor by Panasonic are well prepared to deliver and own the Indian electrical space on the back of our unique product offerings”

Speaking about the campaign, Rajdeepak Das, MD – India & Chief Creative Officer – South Asia, Leo Burnett said, “The ‘Naye India ke Badhte Load ke Liye’ positioning accurately sums up the need gap that Anchor by Panasonic is trying to fill with its high-quality wires and cables, and MCBs. I’m very happy with the creative thought and how it has translated into an almost eccentric execution. As is a given with all our work, we have transformed the brief into a Humankind idea, and the result is for all to see.”

Wires Film (BBQ grill)
The film opens with the turning of the dial of an electric grill, with the coil heating up to a glowing red as Mr.Sundar Saxena, a middle-aged man, prepares barbecue delicacies for a room full of people.  As the people are shown socializing and enjoying the food with Mr. Sundar proudly walking amidst his guests, the voiceover narrative tells his story of being a blabbermouth who overnight realised his passion and talent for cooking making him popular within the society. Everyone is shown to be gathered around Sundar reaching out for the kebabs on his plate, and at that instant, there is a sound of burning and crackling in the background taking everyone by surprise. The smirk instantly disappears from Sundar’s face as it is shown that the cables had a short circuit due to excessive load of the barbecue grill. The sequence progresses to show a room filled with awkward silence with everyone staring at the damaged grill, as all the guests empty out the plates, and leave. With the sound of the charred wires in the background the burnt black wires are brought in focus. The film cuts to a sequence showing the durability and technology of the Anchor by Panasonic wires with the voiceover narrating, “Isliye naye India ko chahiye Japanese technology ke Anchor by Panasonic ke wires. Jinke high current carrying capacity handle kare har load. Anchor by Panasonic Naye India ke Badhte Load ke liye.” With the concluding shot showing the old wires to be replaced with Anchor by Panasonic wires.

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MCB switch film (Jacuzzi)
The film opens with all its focus on an inviting jacuzzi as Kamal(man) drops his robe and comfortably settles in the Jacuzzi. Within no time he makes the Jacuzzi his home doing his daily chores, from sipping onto tea while skimming through the newspaper to working on his laptop dressed in formals with documents all over the place to binge-watching and munching on some popcorns to jamming to his favourite music. The film cuts to a scene where he is enjoying his bubble bath and scrubbing himself when suddenly there’s a power cut due to the excessive load on the MCB box and Kamal along with his son stand puzzled staring at the smoke coming out. The voiceover narrates, “Isliye Naye India ko chahiye Japanese technology wale Anchor by Panasonic ke MCB. Jinka fastest tripping mechanism handle kare har load,” with Anchor’s MCB by Panasonic being displayed in the video.

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‘Naye India ke Badhte Load ke Liye’ campaign will be deployed across multiple consumer touch points that cover traditional, digital and experiential media with an intent to drive behaviour change at a consumer and shopper level.