Light up Your House This Festive Season by Panasonic Life Solutions All New LED Altabright Curvy Batten


About the LED Altabright Curvy Batten:

With the upcoming festivals of Navratri and Diwali it’s time to upgrade your home with luminously lit LED Batten. LED Batten gives a feeling of warmth and creates altogether a beautiful atmosphere at home. It enhances the look of your living space and gives a smart touch to your home décor leaving a decorative effect. The all new LED Curvy Battens are available in multiple designs, shapes, varied colours and brightness capacity to revitalize the overall appearance at home. Panasonic Life Solutions introduces new LED Altabright Curvy Batten which gives a robust finish with modern aesthetic for ‘Wider illumination’ and extra light production.

The LED Altabright Curvy Batten comes with exclusive feature of Anti-glare diffuser that helps in neutralizing the extra brightness of the SMD LED strips giving a soothing effect for the ambience and eyes. The product is power efficient and comes distinctive advantages like wider light spread, effective functionality and high durability offering 2 colour options and high wattages of 22w and 26w. It offers a very good performance and is an ideal pick to brighten your household during festivals. The new LED Altabright Curvy Battens are a must have for today’s residential, industrial, social and commercial spaces.

Product features:

  • Aesthetically designed for wider illumination
  • Extensive voltage range 100V- 300V
  • High battery life up to 25,000 hrs
  • Surge Protection: Upto2 KV
  • Energy saving lamps have high luminous efficacy (2200 & 2600 lms)

Starting Price:?260/-