Panasonic Life Solutions’ Coaxial Cables for the best TV Reception


As the festive cheer slowly proceeds towards the end of the year, the pandemic-stricken times have shown a significant increase in television viewership. With easy access and content availability across various online platforms, the viewership has increased to 15.6 billion in India. To ensure seamless signal reception for such high-end devices, Panasonic Life Solutions’ Co-axial Cables are manufactured with the latest state of the art manufacturing and testing facilities. 
Co-axial Cables are widely used for TV transmission and are primarily utilized by cable and DTH operators for TV connections. The USP of Panasonic Life Solutions’ RG 6 Coaxial Cable is that the cables are specially designed, processed and tested to resist moisture, heat and humidity to suit the extreme Indian weather conditions. 
Manufactured with 99.99% pure copper conductor the cables facilitate good tensile strength and better velocity propagation. To ensure no interruption and low loss in the transmission of high-frequency signals that further provide better reception, the coaxial cables have higher bandwidth to expand to a  larger network of over 100+ channels. The cables are also available in two variants i.e. Copper & Copper Clad Steel (CCS). Insulation is provided over the conductor with di-electric foam made of polyethylene injected with nitrogen gas, which is superior & environment friendly. Screen of aluminum mylar tape is provided over the insulated conductor to shield the conductor & and ensure disturbance free transmission of signals. Braiding is of aluminum alloy with maximum coverage. PVC sheath gives jacketing which increases the life of cable.  
These cables are available across the retail outlets of all Panasonic Life Solutions and various dealers, distributors & retailers. Coaxial Cables are monitored fully by a computerized process that ensures consistency, reliability and optimum electrical characteristics for digital cables giving the best service over a long span to the end-users.