Panasonic Life Solutions India unveils its Exclusive Brand Outlet (EBO) in Lucknow



Panasonic Life Solutions India is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of electrical construction materials (ECM) in India. Apart from the ECM space the company also operates diverse smart electronics, housing, home automation, kitchens in India, and has today announced the launch of its exclusive brand outlet in Lucknow.

The 1200 Sq. Ft exclusive brand outlet is part of UBUILD BETTER, a hub for building and construction material spread over 43055 Sq. Ft. housing many other leading brands. The EBO is open for all and easily accessible at Raibareli Road, Mohanlalganj, Uttar Pradesh 226301.

With state-of-the-art product designs, the brand outlet would house an alluring choice of the best-in-class Panasonic Life Solutions products ranging from best-in-class Electrical Wiring Devices  (Switches, Sockets and Accessories), Switchgear, Wires, LED lighting solutions, IAQ (Fans), EV Infrastructure and Automation Solution for the residential as well as B2B customers.

Lucknow, the state capital of India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh, has a booming real estate market and will soon be the epicentre of real estate in North India. Panasonic Life Solutions India's global expertise will act as a catalyst for Lucknow's real estate players, architects, interior designers, and consumers, giving an unmatched experience of enhanced safety, comfort, and convenience. The exclusive outlet strategically located, will also display an extensive range of advanced Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solutions, Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions, Home Automation and IoT range, among other electrical equipment that will further enrich and lighten the overall outlook of the outlet. This outlet will also showcase the premium KNX Home Automation range and MirAIe solutions.

Panasonic Life Solutions India, to accelerate its retail reach and expansion with the intent of boosting its customer connection, will invest heavily in its retail strategy. The brand will further expand its investment and footprint allowing the people to associate and grow with the brand Panasonic while assuring customers of superior quality and high-tech products.

Mr. Sunil Narula, Senior Vice President, National Sales Head – Trade Power, said, “Lucknow is a very important market for us, and the entire Uttar Pradesh. With the Inauguration of this EBO, our prospects, architects, influencers, and decision makers will now have an opportunity to experience best-in-class electrical solutions before making purchase decisions. This is our second store in Uttar Pradesh after the first one in Ghaziabad. Today, I am very confident that we will continue our investment and expansion for an all-inclusive growth and sustainable development of this city and state with our leading, cutting edge technologically advanced solutions for making Human Life Safer Simpler and Comfortable.”

Mr. Pradeep Dutta, Head of Branding, Advertising and Alternate Channel, Panasonic Life Solutions India said, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our exclusive outlet store in Lucknow, and we aim to increase our customer experience in Lucknow. This exclusive outlet will serve as an experience centre for consumers and will showcase the distinctive range which is part of PLSIND’s future innovation plan on ‘smart and connected’ homes. The store will display products ranging from home automation, energy-efficient products to IoT appliances, along with Wiring Devices,  Switchgear, Wires and Cables, Lighting and IAQ(Fan), with our brand outlet, we aim to touch the lives of our consumers, strengthen our connection with the dealers, builders and architects, and provide solutions to the modern technology demands of the consumers through our connected living solutions."

Mr. Priyank Tayal, the Franchisee owner added that, “We are elated to have Panasonic Life Solutions India launch their latest outlet in Lucknow. Panasonic is known to be the country’s
top manufacturer of the best quality home electricals, especially for residential and commercial infrastructure projects. The Lucknow city has witnessed a significant rise in housing demand, attracting many end-users and long-term investors. With this opportunity, PLSIND’s showroom will give a holistic experience of the actual look and feel to the consumers by offering distinctive features, enhancing the selection process of the consumers, and will move up the ladder of comfort, safety, and convenience."

About Panasonic Life Solutions India:
Panasonic Life Solutions India (formerly known as Anchor Electricals) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation, Japan and is the leading Electrical Construction Material company with a presence across India. It is a trusted brand for consumer electrical products and solutions, offering an extensive range of products that include: Wiring Devices (Switch, Socket and Accessories), Wires & Cables, Switchgear, Conduit Pipes and boxes, Solar Modules, Inverters & Solar EPC Solutions, Residential and Commercial Lighting, IoT & Home Automation, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality / Fans), Water Heaters, EV Infrastructure/Chargers, Housing Solutions like Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe, Electronic Toilet Seat (ETS) and Clothes Drying System, KMEW Boards, to name a few.
In India, the company having offices in more than 30 cities and has over 10,000 professionals. It has seven state-of-the-art manufacturing units in India and is manufacturing cutting-edge electrical products, synonymous with quality. Recognised as one of the Best Brands in the Electrical Construction Material industry by the Economic Times, Panasonic Life Solutions India has established itself as a market leader and one-stop solution provider of commercial, industrial, and home solutions in the electrical, renewable, and housing solutions segment.