Panasonic Life Solutions introduces IoT Vetaar Smart Plug


India is witnessing a rapid advancement in technology and innovation which has led to surge in adoption of home automation systems. The market has experienced an unparalleled demand for home automation systems amongst Indian consumers to increase security and surveillance system installation in their homes. Moreover, factors such as enhanced lifestyle, rise in disposable income of people and increase in awareness about smart systems have boosted the demand of home automation systems, thereby driving the market growth. In home automation today, smart plugs are bringing a new technology of control, convenience, comfort and connectivity to homes, without complex wiring connections. It’s the simplest mode which helps one save time every day, making ordinary tasks faster and easier. Smart plug is an electronic device that is useful in transforming home or office into a technologically advanced domain. By automating home, one can save electricity, remotely control and monitor the appliances, thereby making the home safer for the family members.

About Panasonic Life Solutions IoT Vetaar Smart Plug:

Panasonic Life Solutions (earlier known as Anchor by Panasonic) presents a state-of-the-art home automation product to upgrade your home to smart with plug and play Vetaar smart gateway and smart plug kit ‘Vetaar’. It is a connected home technology that is designed to automate functions and grant you control over the electronic devices. Smart plug ‘Vetaar’ are a cost efficient way to renovate any ordinary home appliances such as television, air conditioners, fan, and others into a smart appliance with features that can be accessed from mobile devices. One more feature of the smart plug is the scheduling function that allows you to connect your smartphone and set timers that turn devices on and off at scheduled times. This innovative smart plug is energy efficient, avoids multipath, and supports mesh-networking and multi- hopping. In-home automation technology, Vetaar adds intelligence to a non-smart product by providing flexibility to the user. This smart adapter plug can be accessed digitally through the Android and IOS app on the smart devices and can be controlled and managed from anywhere at desired day or time to save energy. The product and is exclusively available on Amazon and Flipkart. Additionally, the product can work with Amazon Alexa and can connect directly to Amazon Echo Plus (without a Zigbee Gateway) and operate through Amazon Echo and Echo Dot (with Zigbee Gateway). To make your home safer for yourself and your family, choose Panasonic Life Solution’s exclusive series of affordable IoT enabled smart plug kit ‘Vetaar’.


Starting price: ? 2,500

Product features:

  • Control: Control your appliances from any corner of the world
  • Schedule: Schedule your appliances according to your lifestyle
  • Security: Operate your home lighting to keep burglars away
  • Convenience: Operate any appliance with your Smartphone
  • Lightweight; Plug & play; No installation required

Additional Features:

  • Works with Amazon Alexa: Vetaar Smart Plug can connect directly to Amazon Echo Plus (without a Zigbee Gateway); It can also be operated through Amazon Echo and Echo Dot (with Zigbee Gateway)
  • Zigbee Technology: Reliable connectivity with low power consumption; Range is not a constraint due to Mesh-networking and multi-hopping ability of Zigbee technology
  • Up to 250 individual Smart Plugs can be connected to single Zigbee Gateway
  • Secure IoT Cloud: ensures security of your data
  • Secured TLS1.2 Encrypted communication
  • Auto-LAN feature : LAN based at home; Cloud based when outside
  • Last status of the Smart plug gets restored after power is restored
  • Plug made for Indian Sockets
  • Surge protection up to 2.0 kV Surge
  • Indication available on the Plug for Paired/Unpaired status, Power ON/OFF status
  • Flame Retardant Poly Carbonate Enclosure