Panasonic Life Solutions rolls out its new range of ‘LED Lighting’ and ‘UNO Industrial Switchgear’ in Lucknow


Lucknow, 18 th September, 2019: Panasonic Life Solutions the leading manufacturer of electrical construction materials, announces the launch of its all new lighting and switchgear products expansion in Lucknow today. Comprising of ‘LED lighting’ and ‘UNO Industrial Switchgear’, the new range is equipped with the company’s innovative cutting-edge technology catering to the everyday, diverse needs of the Indian consumers. This is the second introduction of its unique product offerings in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The aim is to target new consumers and deliver technologically advanced products in order to make a better life and become consistently better.

Making top notch quality and superior products is the key differentiators of Panasonic and Panasonic Life Solutions (earlier known as Anchor by Panasonic) through this continues to strive its focus towards becoming consistently better. The new LED lighting product range includes Bulb, Panel Light and fixtures (batten). This range includes various distinctive features like robust functionality, extensive energy saving, surge protection, high durability and sustenance, thereby building and empowering newer customers with various value for money options and increase its market share. Further, the all-new range of Panasonic Life Solutions UNO Industrial Switchgear offers a range of MCCB (2 Series) , MCCB Enclosures, MCCB VTPN DB, Busbar DB, Rotary Switch Enclosure and High Rating RCCB. The UNO MCCB’s includes features like 100% neutral rating, fully insulated internal wiring, state of the art design, energy-efficient, IP 20 protection and high short-circuit breaking capacity making these circuit breakers one of the best security devices for the appliances.

Talking about the launch, a company spokesperson said that, “Panasonic’s entry into Lucknow has been a major part of our expansion plans, and we are happy to announce this significant milestone. Lucknow is one of India’s most important emerging destinations, and individuals demand a constant upgradation in the city’s electrical appliances market. As we look forward to expanding our product portfolio in Patna, we will continue with our focus towards innovating and developing value products to serve the demand & expectations of the Indian customers. With the announcement of our product portfolio expansion in Lucknow, we will be able to further strengthen our foothold in the region and capitalize on the increasing demand for innovative electrical products and make Panasonic Life Solutions no.1 electrical construction material brand in Uttar Pradesh. Our aim is to address the needs of high end as well as mid-end consumers with a commitment of making quality products at an affordable price.”