Panasonic’s Smart LEDs will Light up the Streets of Bathinda


Bathinda August 15, 2020:  Panasonic a worldwide leader in the development of diverse technologies and solutions, today on the occasion of Independence Day announced the inauguration of its smart LED street light project in Punjab, Bathinda. The company has been awarded by the Municipal Corporation of Bathinda with the project of installing smart LED street lights. This project will help in improving the overall energy efficiency of streetlights in Bathinda. Further, it will lead to substantial savings in the electricity consumption supporting the safety and security of citizens.

Under this project, Panasonic in association with the Municipal Corporation of Bathinda (MCB) will retrofit the conventional street lights and install approx. 22,424 LED street lights. These LED lights will illuminate the city and reduce energy consumption up to 57%. The network of the streetlights can be monitored and controlled by the intelligent solution ‘City Connected’. This solution comes with an integrated GIS map that will assist as an operation and maintenance (O&M) tool for the city in the future. It also comes with unique features like the monitoring, control, reports, analytics & dimming of the streetlights thus ensuring high system efficacy and meeting the crucial requirements of the city.

The Bathinda project will be Panasonic’s key project of smart street lighting with a strong focus on urbanization and sustainability. The company is set to magnify the delivery of its connected lighting solutions across the major cities in the country by improving light quality and building intelligent smart cities with the concept of smart street lights.

Commenting on the project, Mr. Dinesh Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director, Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., “Urbanization and Energy efficiency plays a vital role for India's efforts in mitigating climate change and achieving a sustainable future. We are happy to partner with the Municipal of Bathinda for giving us this opportunity for installing the smart LED street lights and light up the city of Bathinda. Our connected lighting solutions will contribute to ensure a safe environment for the citizens and will enable the city to save energy cost and enjoy operational efficiencies. Through our new solution we aim to provide advanced and scalable digital infrastructure by giving futuristic features like remote monitoring, sensor interface with advanced security.  This step will facilitate energy savings, improve the quality of lights hereby ensuring the safety of the citizens."