PMI Partners with Panasonic Life Solutions India and MASSTECH to Set Up EV Charging Infra Across 17 Cities in India for Operating 1000 EV Buses


Mumbai, 22 January 2021: –The new decade will carve massive space for e-mobility in India that is rapidly evolving, and electric vehicles are at the forefront of this change. In the post-pandemic world, it is expected to increase the need for mobility options for a sustainable future. Panasonic Life Solutions India offers a comprehensive range of hi-tech EV chargers and accessories with a global focus on protecting the environment and reducing carbon footprints. To meet the rising demand for e-mobility, in the first phase of the roll-out, Panasonic Life Solutions India will provide high-tech EV charging infrastructure for more than 1000 electric buses to PMI Electro Mobility Solution Private Limited.

Panasonic Life Solution India’s electric mobility ecosystem portfolio includes AC chargers and DC chargers. With these services, the aim is to cater to the EV fleet owners, e-commerce, and logistics companies at large, thereby supporting them to manage their fleet efficiently. 

Mr. Dinesh Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director, Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. said that, “The opportunity for electric mobility in the country is huge and it is paving the pathway for electrification across other modes of transport. At Panasonic Life Solutions India, our unrelenting quest for innovation is guided by our philosophy of connectivity, comfort, and safety. It has enabled us to take the lead and develop an EV charging infrastructure. In order to encourage wider adoption of e-mobility, the central government introduced Phase II of the FAME scheme to facilitate the EV market in India. Such good policy support is required to encourage EVs through an ecosystem of research, manufacturing, storage, and charging infrastructure. We are excited about extending our e-mobility services across the states of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Odisha in the first phase. With this, we aim to create an infrastructure that will cater to the unsatiated needs of multiple stakeholders and inspire the public to use sustainable technologies such as EV instead of private vehicles in the country”.

Talking about the announcement, Mr. Satish Jain, PMI Electro Mobility Solution Private Limited, said “PMI has to supply 1000 Electric buses to across 18 cities in India, on Gross Cost Contract Basis. The buses shall operate 200~220 kms on a daily basis. For which, a reliable charging infra partner is needed. Panasonic being one of the most reputable brands provides additional comfort. The chargers provided by Panasonic are one of the most advanced, and fast chargers by which we will be able to charge our buses within 40 mins. PMI is proud to be a strong partner in the current e-mobility movement in India and takes pride in being a major stakeholder in the public transportation sector".