Aesthetically designed LED Wellglass
equipped with specially designed heat
sink and reliable energy efficient
electronic isolated driver to meet
different lighting requirements across
industrial application.

Application areas

  • Cement Plants
  • Oil Processing Factories
  • Coal Mines
  • Industrial Unit
  • Thermal Power Plant
  • High on Efficacy

    130lm/w for clear & 120lm/w for diffused version

  • Robust Design

    Protected against 5 joules of impact (equivalent to the impact of a 1.7kg mass dropped from 300mm above the impacted surface)

  • Wide Operating Voltage / Rated Voltage

    140-270V AC / 220-240V AC/50Hz

  • Safe & Reliable

    THD<10%, Inbuilt Surge Protection: 6kV + 10kV Optional Class-I product, IP66

  • Non Integrated Isolated Driver

    Protects the output/secondary side from any disturbance on the input/primary side ensuring safe operation.

  • Higher Life

    Life: 50,000 BH @ L70B50

  • Operating Temperature

    -100 C to +45 oC


Product Code System Wattage (W) LxWxH (mm) Cutout
THD Colour
Temp. (CCT)
PWGM09248  24W Clear Type   146x195  ≤ 10% 5700K      0.95
PWGM09358   35W Clear Type 146x195  ≤ 10% 5700K     0.95
PWGM09408 40W Clear Type 146x195  ≤ 10% 5700K     0.95
PWGM09708 70W Clear Type 200x181  ≤ 10% 5700K     2.10
PWGM10248   24W Diffused Type 146X195   ≤ 10% 5700K     0.95
PWGM10358  35W Diffused Type 146X195   ≤ 10% 5700K     0.95
PWGM10408     40W Diffused Type  146X195  ≤ 10% 5700K     0.95
PWGM10708  70W Diffused Type 200x181   ≤ 10% 5700K     2.10