This is the key to those comfy baths and that much-needed alone time in your room. Super Quiet Fans offer a comfortable environment, especially in high humidity places.

Panasonic Wall Mount Fans
Panasonic Wall Mount Fans

Advanced Blade Design

New blade design applies advanced aerodynamic principle that minimizes any obstacles against the airflow.

Air Foil Chip is to reduce turbulence at rear edge, and curvature of front edge is improved for smooth airflow that minimizes fan noise as well.

Panasonic Wall Mount Fans
Panasonic Wall Mount Fans

Insect Screening Net

The insect screening net prevents entry of insects from the outside duct, The pores on net are small enough to stop most of the insects from entering your room.

Panasonic Wall Mount Fans

FV- 10 EGF1 / FV- 15EGF1

  • Features
  • Dimension
  • Specifications
  • Extraordinary silence [31dB(A)]
  • Insect Screening Net
  • Slim & Sturdy Design
  • Lowest power consumption
  • (less than a LED bulb)
  • Built to last for lifetime*
  • Tested for 60,000 hrs. of operation in our test lab
  • #Average use of 2 hrs. Per day
Panasonic Wall Mount Fans
Model No. Voltage Air Volume Consumption Noise Weight
[v] [hz] [m3/h] [W] [dB (A)] [kg]
FV-10EGF1 230 50 75 5.9 31 0.9
FV-15EGF1 230 50 155 6.6 33 1.1