New Precision Screwdriver realize better quality of fastening

High Accuracy 10% Cmk 1.67* (ISO5393)
Various fastening support features

3 model line-up can cover a wide range of applications

Advanced Fastening Features

  • Cross thread reduction

    image The tool first reserves 360 degree, aligning the threads, greatly reducing the possibility of cross threads.
  • Auto Downshift Function

  • Rundown Error Detecting Function

    image If the clutch is activated before the programmable minimum runtime the tool alerts the operator to a NOK fastening. (Time setting:0.1-3.0sec 0.1sec per stage)
  • Maintenance Interval Alarm

    When the total fastenings are within 10,000 fastenings of the preset maintenance interval, the display blinks notifying the operator. Once the tool reaches the preset interval, the tool is locked out from further use. The function can be set ON or OFF and is defined in 10,000 increment cycles. (Number of setting:0-990,000pcs)

  • Auto battery Shut Down

    Before the battery power becomes too low to maintain the torque, the power supply stops automatically until a charged battery pack is attached.

  • Variable Speed Control Function

    Speed can be controlled by use of the trigger. Speed control function ON and OFF can be selected by remote.

Accurate and Easy 60 Stage Adjustable Clutch

How to set Clutch

Rotating the clutch adjustment handle clockwise to increase torque and counter clockwise
to decrease torque


Durable Design

Long life clutch with Photo Interrupter sensor

The photo Interrupter Sensor, which senses the clutch plate movement, increases clutch life by not relying on mechanical contacts that wear.


Optional Accessories