Engineered to deliver optimum security to the heavy electrical appliances of your home and office, The Anchor UNO MCB range becomes a cherished partner of the premise. Powered by Panasonic technology, this range is designed by thefinest brains of India and Japan. These Circuit breakers secure the premise from electrical fire caused due to short circuits. Its exclusive mid-trip function makes it easy to identify circuit fault as a knob stays in centre in case of overload or short circuit. Manufactured with superior fire-resistant plastic parts, which prevent abnormal heating and offer resistance against strong impacts. The high short-circuit breaking capacity of 10000A (10kA).



  • State-of-the-Art Design
  • High Speed and High Breaking Capacity Mechanism
  • Independent Manual Operation
  • Mid-Trip Feature
  • Flame Retardant Material of Housing and Cover
  • Easy Mounting with Two Steps DIN Rail Clip
  • Contact Position Indicating Window
  • Trip-Free Mechanism
  • Bus bar and Cable Connection Facility
  • Energy-Efficient MCB
  • Large Cable Terminals
  • IP 20 Degree Protection


Standard Conformity IS/IEC 60898-1:2002
Rated Current (In) 6A to 63A
Poles SP, SP+N, DP, TP, TP+N, FP
Tripping Characteristics B(SP), B & C
Rated short circuit breaking capacity (Icn) 10,000A
Rated Voltage (Un) 240 / 415V~ AC
Rated Frequency (f) 50 Hz
Terminal Capacity Line 35 mm2 (max.) and Load: 25 mm2 (max.) copper
Ambient working temperature -5 to 50 ºC
Protection class IP20
Endurance (Mechanical) 20000 operations
Endurance (Electrical) 10000 operations ( In < 32A) / 5000 operations ( In > 32A )
Wattage Loss As per IS/IEC Standards
Tripping mechanism Thermal –Magnetic
Contact position indication Yes
Trip fault indication Mid Trip Feature
Knob padlocking Yes
Termination Bi-connect ( Bus bar/cable) can be used