UNO Mini Miniature Circuit Breaker (MINI-MCB) is a brand new product range of the most compact circuit breakers available in the world, incorporating all the safety features of a traditional MCB. Powered by the Panasonic technology, it redefines the concept of protection.

This compact and reliable range of MINI MCBs is available with two unique mounting choices-modular and flush mounted and screw mounted. Ensuring operational safety of precious appliances is the foremost objective of UNO MINI-MCB range. It thus offers undeterred protection from overload and short-circuit, securing the precious appliances by increasing their operational longevity



  • Protects against over load and short-circuit
  • High breaking capacity of 3000A
  • Low watt loss and energy saving
  • Can be snapped fit on modular plates and can be screw mounted
  • Can be used for per point protection
  • Ideal for being used in Single phase Distribution Circuit
  • Available as Single pole or Double pole versions in ratings from 6A to 32A
  • Compact and trendy Designs and latest Technology
  • All live metal parts are covered with non-inflammable thermostat material
  • Longer Electrical and Mechanical life
  • Finger-proof terminals offering IP20 degree of protection


  • Residential: AC, Refrigerators, Geyser, Washing Machine, Home Theater, Domestic Pump Set, Oven cum griller, Cooking Range, Single Phase Motor etc.
  • Commercial: AC, Hot plate, Xerox machines
  • Hospitality: AC’s, Heaters, Heavy duty mixer-grinders, Coolers
  • Health care: Low-watt X-ray machines, Laboratory equipments etc. in individual clinics

1. ROMA - Mini MCB

2. ROMA Classic - Mini MCB

3. ROMA Plus - Mini MCB

4. Penta Modular - Mini MCB

5. UNO Mini - Modular MCB

6. UNO Flush (Screw Mounted) Mini MCB


Changeover Switch

UNO Mini MCB Internal Structure

Changeover Switch
Applicable standard IS/IEC 60898-1:2002
Standard Rated Current (In) 6A to 32A
Tripping Characteristics C curve
Poles SP and DP
Rated short circuit breaking capacity (Icn) 3000A (3kA)
Rated Voltage (Un) 240V~AC
Rated Frequency (f) 50Hz
Ambient working temperature -5 to 50ºC
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) 660V
Rated Impulse Voltage (Uimp) 4kV
Dielectric Strength 2.5kV
Terminal Capacity 10 (max.) copper
Relative Humidity 95%
Vibration 3 g
Endurance (Mechanical) 20000 operations
Endurance (Electrical) 20000 (In < 16A)
5000 (In > 16A)
Case and cover material Molded, Flame retardant plastic
Switching mechanism Manual & Trip-free mechanism
Tripping mechanism Thermal-magnetic
Installation position Vertical/horizontal
Wattage Loss Much Lower than the values in IS Standard
Knob padlocking Yes
Termination Cable
Mounting Snap fit/Screw mounted (on board)
Protection class IP20
Suitable for protection Per point protection
Design Registration certificate Registered, Design Registration Number: 252904