Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker (RCCB)

Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) also called Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) is a device designed to disconnect the load from the supply mains, when the residual current (I∆n) is flowing in the circuit. The flow of currents in the electrical system is risky. Low quality faulty wires, poorly insulated equipments or incorrect use of electrical devices cause current to flow through the wrong path to the earth. This current is called “Leakage Current”.

Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker (RCCB)


  • Elegant appearance
  • Advance Neutral breaks after phases, ensuring complete discharge
  • No nuisance tripping
  • Fastest Tripping Mechanism
  • Bi-connect terminals for bus bar as well as cable connections
  • IP 20 protection finger touch proof connection terminals as well
  • Truly current operated, operates even at very low voltage
  • High short current withstand capacity
  • Large terminal size 35 sq mm
  • Manufactured in accordance with IS 12640 Part I
  • Flame retardant body and cover, does not melt / drip even at high temperature

Protection Against Direct Contact

Accidental contact with live parts of electric appliances cause earth leakage current to flow through the human body resulting in shocks that may be fatal. RCCB trips immediately under these circumstances and saves human lives. For e.g. when someone makes contact with a live electrical component of a device, touches a live bus bar in distribution panel or unprotected test cables or when a person sticks a metal object into a power socket or touches a live cable.

Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker (RCCB)

Protection Against Indirect Contact

The metal enclosures of electric appliances can become live and cause electric shock to unwary persons touching them during an internal fault or insulation ailure. RCCB trips instantaneously and thus removes the possible risk from dangerous indirect contact. Indirect contacts are independent of humans, such as a person touching an electric metal frame. This is when a person makes contact with a metal earthed part which has accidently been powered up following an insulation fault. These type of contacts are very dangerous.

Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker (RCCB)
Reference Standard IS 12640 -1:2000, IEC 61008
Poles DP & FP
Current Rating (In) 25A, 40A & 63A
Rated Voltage (Ue) 240/415V~ AC
Rated Residual Operating Current(I∆n) 30mA, 100mA & 300mA
Protection Against Earth fault / Leakage Current
Operating Device Current operating device
Rated Frequency(f) 50Hz
Rated Insulation Voltage(Ui) 440 V
Rated Conditional Short Circuit Current(Inc) 6kA
Rated Making Capacity(I∆m) 500A or 10In whichever is greater
Operating Characteristic ‘AC’ Type
Dielectric Strength 2.5 kV
Trip Time Instantaneous < 40ms, Selective > 150ms
Operating Temperature -5 to 50 ºC
Terminal Capacity 35 mm2 (max.) copper
Relative Humidity 95%
Vibration 3g
Protection Class IP 20
Contact Position Indication Yes
Installation Position Vertical / Horizontal
Mounting Clip on Din rail ( 35 mm * 7.5 mm)