VTPN Distribution Board - B1 MCCB

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) are electromechanical devices which find application in protecting electrical circuit from over load and short circuit currents. MCCB is designed in compliance with IS/IEC 60947-2 with Thermal and Magnetic tripping element for circuit protection.

VTPN Distribution Board - B1 MCCB


  • Suitable for Flush and Surface Mounting
  • IP43 Protection
  • Masking Sheet to Prevent Dust while Plastering
  • Level Marking to the Installation
  • RAL 7035 Semi Glossy Finish


VTPN Distribution Board - B1 MCCB
No. of ways 4, 6, 8 & 12 ways
Type of Installation Flush/ Surface
Colour/ Finish RAL 7035 Semi Glossy
Door Locking Options Sliding Lock
Removable Gland Plate Top & Bottom
Box Sheet Thickness 1.2 mm
Distribution Technique 2mm thick Copper Insulated Pan Assembly
Busbar Rating 63A
Voltage 240/415V~, 3 Phase
Main Incoming Option B1 Frame125 Uno MCCB
Neutral Bar Termination Capacity 25 sqmm
Earthing Bar Termination Capacity 25 sqmm
Ingress Protection (IP) IP43
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) 690V~/td>
Frequency 50Hz
Dielectric Strength 2.5kV
Ambient Temperature -5°C to 40°C
DB Reference Standard IS 8623-3, IS 13032