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25A 30mA BBDR22530H 2630
100mA BBDR22540H 2610
32A 30mA BBDR23230H 2630
100mA BBDR23240H 2610
40A  30mA BBDR24030H 3085
100mA BBDR24040H 3065
300mA BBDR24050H 3065
63A 30mA BBDR26330H 3625
100mA BBDR26340H 3615
300mA BBDR26350H 3615
  • Specifications

Constructions & Features:

  • Elegant Appearance
  • In case of leakage current in circuit, RCCB trips which enables a quick solution to the faulty line
  • Provides protection against earth fault/leakage current
  • Equipped with finger protected connection terminals.
  • Automatically disconnects the circuit when earth fault/leakage current occurs and exceeds the rated sensitivity.
  • Visual ON-OFF indication.
  • Test Button 'T' is provided for periodic check up.
  • Truly current operated operates even at very low voltage.
  • No nuisance tripping.
  • Trips within 300 milliseconds in the event of fault.
  • High short current withstand capacity of 10kA(DP),6KA(FP) 
  • Bi-connect terminals for busbar as well as a cable connection.
  • Simple and robust operating mechanism.
  • IP20 protection, finger touch proof.


Standard Conformity:

  • IS 12640 Part - 1
  • DIN43-880


Technical Specification:

No.of Poles (Execution) DP, FP
Rated Current (In) 25A, 32A, 40A, 63A
Rated Voltage(Ue) DP: AC 240V, FP: AC 240/415V
Rated Frequency(f) 50Hz
Sensitivity 30mA, 100mA, 300mA
Short Circuit Withstand Capacity DP:10000A, FP: 6000A

Short Circuit Breaking Performance 

Rated conditional Short-circuit (Inc)

Rated conditional Residual Short-circuit Current (IΔc)

DP: 10000A, FP: 6000A

Rated Making And Breaking Capacity (Im)

Rated Residual Making And Breaking Capacity  (IΔm)

DP: 630A   FP: 630A
Mode  Electro-Magnetic Type
Rated Impulse Voltage  4kV
Vibration Resistence 5G
Dielectric Strength 2000V 1min
Protection Class IP20
Mounting On DIN Rail 35mm X 7.5mm
Connections 1.5sq.mm to 25sq.mm

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