6A BBD4063CHH 1665
10A BBD4103CHH 1665
16A  BBD4163CHH 1665
20A  BBD4203CHH 1665
25A  BBD4253CHH 1665
32A  BBD4323CHH 1665
40A BBD4403CHH 2465
50A BBD4503CHH 2475
63A BBD4633CHH 2485
  • Specifications

Construction and Features:

  • State of the art design: Elegant appearance, cover and handle in arc shape for comfortable operation. Contact position indicating window (Clear ON-OFF indicator)
  • Three level indications For ON, OFF & TRIP (Under Fault)
  • Rated short circuit capacity: 10000A (10kA)
  • Trip free mechanism
  • High speed and high breaking capacity mechanism.
  • Terminal block with safety shutter: It prevents wrong wiring & burning of terminals.
  • High speed wiping contact structure.
  • Bi-connect terminals at both sides give a choice of using either a busbar or cable to make the connection.
  • Environment-Friendly, Meets the RoHS Compliance defined by the European Standards.
  • Power loss values are much lower than the specified values of IS/IEC making it the most energy-efficient MCB. 


Standard Conformity:

  • IS/IEC 60898-1:2008

  • DIN43-883


Technical Specification:        

Type B C D
Magnetic Release Setting (3-5)ln (5-10)ln (10-20)ln
No. of Poles (Execution) SP SP, SP+N, DP, TP, TP+N, FP SP, DP, TP, FP
Rated Current(ln) A 6A to 63A
Rated Voltage(Ue)  SP, TP+N: AC 240/415V, SP+N: AC 240V, DP, TP, FP: AC 415V
Rated Frequency(f) Hz 50 Hz
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Capacity 10000A
Service Short Circuit Breaking Capacity 7500A
Energy Limitation Class 3
Tripping Mechanism Thermal and Magnetic Type
Normal Ambient Temperature 30º
Power Loss  Much Less than Standard Values
Rated Impulse Voltage 4kV
Dielectric Strength 2000V for 1 minute
Protection Class  IP20
Mounting  On DIN Rail (35mm X 7.5 mm)
Connections 1 sq.mm to 25sq.mm For Cu conductors


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